Sensible Security of Mind, Have Control !

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We all want to be happy but how can we be when we are constantly overworked and reviewed peer-to-peer in extensive manner..?
We can say that we don’t need to live up to other people’ approval -which is true & we recommend you to too- but the bad news is, it’s not for all people.

I’ve seen and still befriend some people who survive by sucking up to other people which in hope by doing that they ensure their privilege in a system they are in.
Well…what can I say as they have all come from various background… bottom line, it is their choice and I respect that.
The problem comes when it is not their choice…right..?

Keeping it Afloat

In this article let us outlay one simplest and proven mindset to sustain a work-life balance which will no doubt can lead us to happiness.
First we will need to realize that even when we have reached an equal work-life balance condition, it will not be stable if we don’t have the proper mindset to keep things afloat.

The calm before the storm
The calm before the storm

This mindset of a work-life balance put main practice point on state-of-mind. Simply put, it is your default mind condition.
One indicator that is really useful in testing and measuring our mind condition in this area is the brainwave. We are deeply interested with the brainwaves as it illustrates how our brain fires electrical impulse by means to command and to regulate our bodily functions in which it supports the basic mold for a healthy mind condition.

Always be positive

The next two paragraph will be a bit…ugh.. You can read the bold text and skip to the next part, really.
There are 5 types of brain waves, described as Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.
We are only interested in Beta and Alpha brainwaves as the two floats interchangeably when we are conscious/aware. Normally in understanding this we would look generously into hormone, anatomy of brain, neuroscience &/ -logy, and psychology but I know some of you are not fond of those stuff.
For your sake, we will skip those except for you who are interested you can take a look more from various sources.

There are 2 brainwaves can be emitted when we are awake.

The first one is Beta brainwave. Beta brainwave is emitted when a person is actively stressing the brain. Traditionally,  it is the condition where one is faces with the condition of fight/flight situations where judgement and assessment is priority to ensure one’s survival. Coming down to the 21st century, research has shown that these application has been adjusted to things like decision making, speculation and analysis, also behavior towards certain events.

Next is the Alpha brainwave. Alpha brainwave is emitted when one has constant engagement with particular thing. It is the focus. The condition of relaxed mind that makes one able to think clearly aside from emotional disturbance. Commonly people experience the Alpha when they are alone and/or doing meditation. It’s those moment when you are talking with yourself rather than listening to yourself. Physical evidence includes the higher volume of blood and oxygen flow to the brain ultimately makes one to become more sensitive and attentive towards learning and memorizing. Endorphin as the reward hormone is also secreted which makes one  happy and feel rejuvenated.

Practically (…finally) we can conclude:

  • Beta wave. Emitted during active action, speculative reasoning (problem solving, decision making, etc). Practically it is emotional decision for a certain time-frame NOT now.
  • Alpha wave. Driven mostly by relaxed condition of mind where one would be able to coordinate mental alertness, mind/body integration and aid tremendously in learning process. Practically it is about thinking more than feeling.

We reached this conclusion in practical reasoning but I would emphasize AGAIN that this is really cutting it short for those areas of neurology and science. A BIG disappointment is subjected for us if we are taking it into application as granted. You can do more research into this which I really recommend you to.

Setting aside the Beta and Alpha brainwave, have you guessed what is the connection between -what?!- and sensible security mindset..?
It is about practical wisdom, the very core of praxis element.

Sensible security comes from understanding where you are, where you want to go & 'how hard can you fall'. Click To Tweet

The Practice

In practice, to feel sensible security we usually need to be aware first.
By being aware we give the room for growth to accompany and to lead us, leaving our point of reference and progressively show us the absurdity of quality.

Why is it absurd..?
Because it is irrelevant from the emotional point as well as from the rational point.
What’s the catch..?
We satisfy both emotional and rational point at the same time.

Once one of my colleague asked me this,

“Hey man, how can you stay calm at most times even when the schedule is such a prick..?”

“Yeah it is such a prick, no wonder this area never improve. But it is fun.”

In this situation, ‘fun’ is my default state-of-mind. Being resourceful makes you secure and sensible to make change, to accept the unexpected situation as a fun/interesting matter as it becomes like a game.
A game should be finished in a feasible time frame, else it is called an activity. It is about ‘Now’ and ‘Future’.
I looked back now and realized that most of the time I’ve always been in the alternating state of ‘Now’ and ‘Future’.

It is about the thoughts like:

  • “OK so that’s like this, what can we do now..?”
  • “What is the risk, what are the advantage of this method..?”

One time my boss also teased me, he said :

“How come when you are in charge I always heard ‘yes’ instead of excuses.?”

“I never accept things that I can’t do, so you must have been a lucky boss.”

I can do this

Yep, that’s one of the side effect of being in control. Everything can be manageable; the art to turn everything into the greater good apparently comes from the sensible security of mind.
To reach this state by default it needs great practice. It is the sole result and pursuit of empowering one’s life.

“Go the extra mile, it is never crowded.” It is true.
“Although at times you might feel lonesome…?” Nah don’t worry at that time lonesome is irrelevant (when you are high, people actually look for you!!).

Now, to do things…

We have grasped the essence of feeling secured, now we ask “what kind of action contributed to the notion of sensible security..?”

The action that can be measured.
Things like planning, strategic positioning, risk management, etc. relative to your point of reference thus you can say it is created from quality.
Now it became very easy once you see this and it’s not plain technical because there is another part that contributes greatly to it.
We will discuss this important part on the other time as without a proper mindset and the sense of security in our mind, it will be really hard to be attentive to other people.
For now, be aware and let yourself discover the real you !!

Care for others, care yourself

As always, this is me. I welcome your story and opinion in the comments !! High-5 !!

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