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In our last article we have discussed about the ability to act , namely the Freedom and Autonomy. In this article we will discuss a powerful statement that grants the concept of freedom and integrated from the autonomy, it is about Liberty. There are many literature and debate about liberty and freedom, whether both assist into the same practice or not. In Praxis behavior, we describe liberty as the next step after the ability to act, practically saying, it is the resource to act.

Let us distinguish again between Freedom and Autonomy, before we discuss about Liberty. Freedom is a measurement of how far you are allowed to act as in the “how much responsibility” you are given by the external source “the giver”. There is always a relation that dictates duty and the discussion of affordable rights. Those who are given freedom as their ability to act usually tries to please the giver and so more often than not they are strangled in the drama everyone says they “don’t like”. Autonomy is acknowledgement of one’s sovereignty to grow, to improve, and eventually a recognition to empower others towards the higher-access. In one side, autonomy doesn’t need permission from external source as it has the essence of sensible security -it born from traction-. On the other side, autonomy has the characteristic of being inert -it doesn’t have to please anyone- and only cares about what needs to be done in order to travel the distance.

L -is for- Liberty

I pointed out that the next step after deciding your action style of Autonomy is the Liberty. However, can Liberty also be practiced if your current action style is of Freedom..?

First of all, the discussion about liberty and freedom will not start if we do not have any motivation (e.g, attraction, traction). It is clear that when we are asking about freedom/liberty that means we are gaining higher perspective about the relation between you and the society we live in. Tap yourself in the back, you are awesome !

“What duties and what rights are we entitled in our current position..?” “Are you a [insert a certificate or a job title here]?” “[your name], stop asking questions!”

These are what people with action style of freedom would ask. They have limited movement and most of the time they work for their boss, they are in total need of respect from their boss and their subordinates and too bad they need to pay those respects too. They have to worry not to overstep “the giver” superior bounds. This sounds normal but this is why these individuals are usually trapped on the circle of politics. They don’t have the resource to act free and in practice this is commonly regarded as a leadership-management context; honestly, they measure their constraint in action so they don’t get shit demoted. On the other side of the action, we have autonomy as the action style that is driven by traction and practiced by the active observers.

Liberty is about the relation between you and the society you live in. It is the capacity/resource to act in the field of unlimited movement. Most of the time it is taken by the society from you because you inspired other people to do so. Sometimes it is called inspire in spiritual context, or empower in secular context.. but practically Liberty excites people to manifest themselves and complement the traction you shown as an active observer.

“What is the worst case..?” “Why don’t we [insert a practical solution here]..?”

Those are the questions that precedes a problem and it will always be there even after a problem is “solved”, it is the core of continuous-improvement in the traveling the distance towards higher-access society. Aside from how the system works or failing, by asking these questions you respect people as a human and not as their job title or their duty/responsibility in the hierarchy of a system. Respecting people as a human and hence their inherent expertise will shown and manifest, this gives you clue about their view which is very important towards traveling the distance.

Because we admit that each of us is unique and has better expertise in different aspect, don’t we..?

However, it is also true that asking these questions to people with common/lower access often makes them feel intimidated. This is because they are not used to it, so move on, because you can’t do anything if they don’t want to be something.

Thus, Liberty is the resource to act and it is empowering from the traction we expressed as an active observer because we are having clarity of destination. Liberty makes us able to grant freedom to other people with the same destination because we are secure and we share our security. Although rather than freedom we would like for autonomy to manifest as the the ability to act, simply because autonomy is contagious. The funny thing, liberty is applicable in almost every aspects of your life, the same as the two previous concept (Security, Autonomy). In fact, most people often don’t recognize if liberty is in their lives as freedom and autonomy often overlaps people. People who don’t realize this will often regard themselves as lucky and then again crowd psychology regards “lucky” as a nice ring, so they flock over while expecting instant and easy “lucky”….only to find that they were wrong. What they see is actually leverage -an activity aspect of liberty-.

In short, Liberty is :

Resource to act; the resource to grant freedom or jump-start a traction in active observers
Can only be practiced after Security and Autonomy
Also known as: empower, inspire, leverage

Not sure you understand what is Liberty in Praxis behavior..? Here you go Liberty in Practice

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