How It Feels to Have a Baby Face and Pregnant

First of all, I’m single and not never pregnant.

To have a baby face is a blessing and a curse – a blessing when you’re 30 years old or above, a curse when you’re in your 20s. For my case, it seems worse because I’m. very. short. Like, as short as a twelve years old girl. I still can wear clothes from Zara kids!

I look so young thus men patted my head when I went to the club and were reluctant to dance with me or talked to me, college boys chatted me up, primary school boys catcalled me from their bicycles (seriously!!), and the best part was when a little boy stole a kiss from me when I was working in an exhibition (as a gratitude for giving him a crystal marble merchandise).


“Psst, I’ll turn 25 next year.” “You’re kidding me, kid??”

There was a time when me and the girls were hanging out and we talked about the future. I told them I would like to have a son, but if I had a daughter I could save some cash because me and her could share the clothes hihihi… Surprisingly they all said wanted to see me if ever got pregnant.

“It must be funny,” they laughed.

Screw them lol. Ok, back to the topic of this article.

One day, a year ago, I shopped quite a lot until my dad complained that I should save the money for emergency. Then the next day I found an amazing pair of heels. But oh no, I didn’t carry a bag big enough to hide it!! My dad would scold me if he knew! Suddenly I got an idea to hide it inside my jacket.

Baby Step

Step 1, 2, 3… voila!

While waiting for my dad, I started to realise that people starred at me – especially those auntie and uncles. Then it hit me.

They thought I was pregnant.

It was written on their faces.

You look just like my daughter… luckily not mine.

You’re so young and already pregnant??

Is that tiny girl pregnant??

Oh sh*ttttt!! The situation was too funny, so I decided to play along with it.

I walked slowly as if my stomach was heavy, massaged my lower back as if it was tired, and whenever I caught someone starred at me I would look down at my belly and rubbed it with love. Their eyes became widen and some even turned their heads. I swear I tried my best not to laugh.


Gotcha! 😉

Finally, my dad came. He didn’t even notice my ‘pregnant’ belly!! Or maybe he did, but he pretended not knowing what’s hidden inside.

From this impromptu experiment (or prank), there are two lessons that I’d like to share:

Don’t get pregnant if you’re not ready

Girls, please don’t. Those heels are less than 500g but they made me uncomfortable to move, think about real baby! Not only that, you will sacrifice a lot of things. Just enjoy your single or dating or whatsoever life and be happy.

Embrace what you can’t change

To all baby face and short girls in the world, I feel you. Things will remain the same until the next ten years, so sit back and enjoy the student privileges while you can (hint: don’t throw your student cards away).



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One thought on “How It Feels to Have a Baby Face and Pregnant

  1. Oh my.. I have another side of the story.
    She was a pregnant wife, and I’m a crazy kid.

    You can imagine how people looks, but that’s exactly the moment when you have to act like a man, right..? 😉

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