Society is Simple and Life is Easy, No Worries!

This article is for you who is in the middle of your productive career and more important for you who are just starting to get into the society. Getting into the society has a simple one practical meaning, which more often than not is a burden. We started paying Tax.

We pay tax in return to and in a form of service towards the land we are living at/for (cultivating the land). Cultivating the land has came in various practices across generations from agriculture, industry, and now we are deeply interacting with information and creativity. Summarizing the categories, “cultivating the land” has shifted its context to “adding value”.

Prerogative Perfection

     Adding value is why the child and the parent has significant difference as to how they actually think about the job… and the work… (and thus, the practice of taxation). There has never been this great disparity of practical meaning between job and work prior to the 21st century and this happens because the job that we want more than often does not yield the work that we wanted. The action of adding value by a job doesn’t have the same return as before. Simply put, the opportunity choices/options is less available than prior times.

Now hold your tongue.. few of us will argue that the vast approach on technological and informational advantage will make a “no-need” condition for real-concrete production of materials by labour force. In reality, labour force is the main productive engine of this adding-value system. Labour force often condensed in the area of particular country but it is hard to readily include the data of the demographic we are actually working on, though luckily we have U.S. government data in handy.

US Employment Statistics - March 2015
There are more labor force than office/executive position despite increasing technology

As shown from the statistics we can see that despite exponential improvement in production methods and technological breakthroughs, there still are more labour force than the office worker or executive position. Why..? Think about it.

In practice, it has always been about who does more add-value in a system of production. It is clear that position with higher add-value towards the system should be taxed higher. Though really the one who made the finish product is the one where quality defines the most, which is why aristocracy and executive should be working for labour, not the other way around (in an ideal system).
There are many theories and case studies regarding this but let us leave it at that for now. Measurable data by play with relative to the taxation practice is defined specifically by each country’s policy (yes, this is about tax bracket and how it differs in percentages for each country).

Now that has been a great system so far and we will have no need to discuss it further into this, thus why in the first sentence it is stated that this article is NOT for those who are already working your dream job, having a teenager child (because really they need your attention more than your life), and those who are invested in the working system.
Don’t go further, you can stop reading.

Mind Practice and Experience

What you will read below is not about alternatives or hack or even a cheat. This will be a mind practice of the vision we can achieve without disturbing the working system (really it will not matter to the good-running system as we know it).
Luckily I had the chance to try this out last week since I took a day off and there was Statuary Holiday.

I effectively executed a 3-days work week.

The work was fun as always and I’m beginning to experience few of the stuffs and the advantages of working in stable situation. I will make this happen in the future, that is working effectively a 3 or 4 days work week. The idea to try this is actually come from the “work-life balance”, it is about managing time as it has always been.

You may wonder what’s really the difference..?

Let me start by pointing out…and about..
Do you realize that some people get vacation to let everything go…?
To vent all those stress and discomfort along the year to mother nature..?
The spirit of ranting and shouting “hey I’m really enjoying myself !!”?
People get vacation to let everything go, I take everything on my vacation.

These are the mind practice that will be useful to think and to define before we go deeper into the practical mindset:

1. The Work Life balance

Your definition of the work life balance.
My practical definition of a “balance”-state is 50:50. Taken literally that means of the 7 days in a week you should only work 3.5 days of a week. Practically it will be vary on each person but a sensible security of mind need to be maintained to be in a grey area. You can create yours, define yourself.

Work-Life Balance

2. The Grey Area

“Every people start from the same point.”

It is true that people who has readily available resources can get somewhere faster; but that means you are playing a game you will not win from the start.
You can’t possibly compare yourself with the king’s child in terms of doing hiking and exploration, he can’t event stand bruises, how about blood..?

This grey area is where you can start expressing your ‘work’ and/or ‘life’ and it is the easiest part of your life you can tweak and do test-measurement on things of concerns.
It is about the extreme point of view and the expansion of your limiting belief in time management.

3. Relaxed Consciousness

The practice of letting go your fear-based achievement that you are feed since you are young. It allows your mind to release all summed up negative thoughts and momentum.

People do this when they are on vacation and that’s not a bad thing…but you can be better.

4. Quality of Life

Define your definition of quality. Remember the second point, “The Grey Area”.
Quality is about reference. It is about how far you are from your reference (mind it, it is not “the ideal”). Strictly speaking, it is about the quality that is achievable in a specific time frame.

For me, quality life means more time to invest in other things outside your routines. Short list consists of health, fitness, education, your dream (because a dream job is not a dream), playing games, relationships, etc. Next you can share your idea of quality with your closest and dearest to you.

5. Love & Serve

Being in a nice state of mind is one of the few leadership strategies that can be driven from the inside-out. Automating boring PR tasks and networking is a side effect you will want to know before you start.

These mind practice prepares you to create your own unique master-craft work. A work that is a totally in whole different synergy of hard- and soft-skills, while a job is based on aptitude to be described as the skill-set that needed. Because, when people recognize your work, they recognize you. When people recognize your job, you are but an expandable resource.

[bctt tweet=”When people recognize your work, they recognize you. When people recognize your job, you are but an expandable.” via=”no”]

Get your job done, so you can have a great work in life.

The world is beautiful, people are awesome.
Are you ready..? Let’s Go !

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9 thoughts on “Society is Simple and Life is Easy, No Worries!

  1. If you love what you do, you never feel that you are working, you just immerse on what you are doing, this is the concept of ZEN: Do what you love is FREEDOM and LOVE what you do is Happiness.

    1. Wise words and simple explanation of Zen. Too bad popular society missed the wisdom of zen, they think it as a movement and marketing tool.
      Well.. it depends on the people.

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