“Birds of a feather, flocking together”

Ever read or heard of the phrase..?

     It is an Arab proverb which is quoted in the famous law of attraction. It first came to my radar not long after my father got fired (well, he did get his pension 10 years before he is supposed to be) –which is a problem at that time. Our family then gone through transition of mindset from professional worker niche into business niche and that’s the first time I heard of the law of attraction. Curious, I did my research.

Law of Attraction

     Law of attraction is based on a spiritual maxim under the New Thought philosophy group. It says that the universe is based on a state of pure energy -that energy can only be conserved, cannot be destroyed or created- with each “nodes (string, dots)” vibrate together forming a harmony and thus, a state.

Though you’ll need to realize this, if you take a look at what pop culture writes about law of attraction, it is regarded not as a model, but somewhat a reference to “godly” “hopefully” “faith” “supposed to” “meditations” “healing” “interface” “visualizations” “affirmations” abstract concept or belief.  This “belief” is somewhat nonsensical and logical at the same time (thus the redundancy and ambiguity), although bottom line it is a tool designed to model what we experience in society. Being a tool, it will be excellent to shift the paradigm of the law of attraction from being a “belief” to being an intelligently designed model.

Great, you almost get it, law of attraction is a model born from the intersection between the dead philosophy age and the ultimate science hot-pursuit “string theory”. Okay Frank(l)y ; I don’t know what you’re talking about, can we just get back into…

Alright, let me paraphrase that..

Law of attraction is an attempt to explain what-we-don’t-really-know the phenomena as to why the similar-like energy state   elements are converged together to find the common-ground towards same milestone.

Interconnected Brain

We are tapping into “the universe” and attracted absorbed into it. Don’t.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Is this a form of law of attraction?

Practically speaking in social aspect; if I want A, you want A, we will be a team (eventually, under the blue moon and the stars aligned?). We will attract the others as like the others will attract us who are going towards A, thereby becomes a collective motor.

So far it doesn’t seem harmful, so what could possibly go wrong from fortifying what we want and joining the momentum that we wanted..? Everything.

Values may degenerate since the first and most of the time you will fail and keep failing to make the law of attraction “which supposed to” work. It is the nature of things to discontinue along time. Taking the “law of attraction” as granted only mean an attempt to disprove the second law of thermodynamics, where entropy things will always follow the direction of disorganization….until we either expand our perspective or make things right. Unfortunately for most of us, expanding our perspective almost always means losing our value in life (decreasing your ‘quality of mind’), and making things right requires tremendous effort to go over the action threshold.

Character may wither, because however your take on your failure, either you are facing it and try to make things right, or expanding your point of view and decreasing your quality of mind, you are on track to affirm your failure. Ultimately, you might lose your “who” outside the “cause” you are working on. [“Who”, The Sad Obscured Clarity of Self] Ironic isn’t it. Why do you think peer review is the most important thing to do..? What if your peers are indeed the one you met since they are also attracted into this momentum? Because…well, law of attraction?

Now let’s make this simple, remember this:

We will attract the others as like the others will attract us who are going towards A, thereby becomes a collective motor.

Understand that the word attraction itself is funny, it describes an interactive action from at least two involved party yet it manifests from action span of not-doing-anything to doing-everything. Attraction depends on each party’s manageable risk. Face it, the harmony will not manifest in front of you even when all the conditions is converged. Other thing you can do after tackling down your limiting belief -this you can do from your side, it is in your control-, both side have to work on it until certain threshold before harmony finally kicks in.

Now, what is wrong with law of attraction

1. It attracts, but it doesn’t know if it is going to run down a cliff.


     So you know the law of attraction is a perfect go-start model for any kind of improvement you want in your life, you tried to get motivated and be positive and take action to make it work. Despite that tremendous effort, you keep failing. If you are, you can keep reading. If you are not, stop reading because you are awesome. So you and everyone else doesn’t have a clue why… so you do more research.

You find that you are told that you fail because you:

Failure Modes for Law of Attraction according to world-wide view
Failure Modes for Law of Attraction according to world-wide view

Translated to objectivity (right column), those causes are actually the best points you have while keeping your sanity in peace and being attentive to the measurable indicators. Keep it. The points on the left column illustrates what you may have missed and there are many out there who offers their marketable stuff to let you fix your paradigm about law of attraction; my advice is to not to spend your hard earned money and your sanity to your challenge. A challenge (personal improvement, project, cause, etc.) is supposed to make one evolve to be better. Now I’m not telling you not to get a professional help (consultant is a perfect service for a project), but first things first : will you get a consultant on your way to have a better diet..? My point is, are you ready for the overload of information that you get instantly without a proper understanding..? The points on the right column are what actual efforts to govern the practical side of law of attraction measures to the project. Tackle them step-by-step accordingly to make sure you understand how the progress goes and thus make it easier for you to replicate the process and the strategy used. Take the longer road, in time you will maintain your mind-practice and progress towards the milestone said. [Society is Simple, Life is Easy. No Worries!]

     Aside from keeping your money (and ‘self’ entity) secured, in carrying on your  project you will need an internal reminder which is openly adjusted according to situations. The popular term is belief-engine. I personally don’t like the term belief-engine because ‘belief’ is a state and ‘engine’ is a tool that provides power. An initial state with power generation can only mean potential -a load burden- if the energy doesn’t go somewhere. To get somewhere it is good to have the power source and the initial state of matter, but the most important thing is to travel the distance, the practice. Imagine a means of transportation, you are the driver and you just powered up your engine, you start driving, but you keep looking into engine condition or other unimportant details instead of the road ahead… of course you’ll stop at some point because you ran out of gas, crashed into a tree, or other various reasons. This means you need to have a macroscopic picture of what is going on; Are you going to the right direction, or you are simply used by ‘society’ to go to the supposed direction.

Are you travelling the right distance..?
Are you travelling the right distance..?

Making it simple; First, face what you want and why you need to do what. It is to protect your ‘self’ from going self-less and to be bolder in every steps closer to what you want. Thus it is very important to realize in the first place that meaning comes along when you are keeping your ‘self’ instead of giving it away or pretending to be others. Second, to make sure you are having a genuine attraction, because attraction can be induced.

2. Attraction can be induced

     After so many times I tried to run a business (for profit) with the same team, I found out that my team are almost always attracted to what the initial idea is and even the execution of the ideas, but every time it results in a definite failure. There are few things that is like mismanagement and also other motivational issue (it is really hard for people to work without incentive). Now you will ask, “why would they want to work without incentive..?” I would say because people who want a thing bad enough they will make do, as simple as that. It sounds naive but please realize that all the successful and big product lines came from those who simply want to make do. This fact proves that a collective motor can fail simply because the action threshold is too big for some people… or their values are just different. In our case study before, the founders don’t need any profit in the first place because they don’t need to have greater financial scale for they are comfortable with their lifestyle, so maybe they just need their voice to be heard..?

Now what if I tell you it is really easy to influence people once you know their value..? Not to exploit, but there are people who need to be exploited or else they would make themselves feel void of meaning in their lives. Alright not going deeper into this.

These items you will read below most probably will change how you see your peers, your co-workers, and your family. If you are not ready to make that shift of mind, you should stop reading and carry on as usual. I’m not ready, take me out.

Going back to the fact that attraction can be induced, I find out that:

  • People will be attracted if their movement are constrained
  • People will be attracted if there is incentive (no matter how valuable)
  • People will be attracted if they are treated differently in a group
  • People will be attracted the most if they can manifest themselves in the project

There are various background to each bullet points stated to the cause but the most important thing to outline here is all the causes are associated with natural instinct of survival, of ‘who’ they are. Attuning to this makes them sensitive to change as their quality reshaped to meet with the collective motor values and bargains. That will be the first level in the level of attraction. It is commonly known as reward-punishment method in management.

There is stronger impression that lasts in attraction and it is commonly seen in a well developed organization; it is about order and beauty. This world is governed by a set law of nature where everything tend to seek the equilibrium with the surrounding state, so people flock into the things where there is system.  A system which keeps order and adjusts to notable changes gives certainty. This is because a system protects the basic needs privilege of people. For example, people stays in one nation/country because their values and their wealth are protected across generation. Putting it extremely, “how invested one is into the system”.

The third level and the strongest inducer of attraction is to give people Hope that aligns with the vision or dream or utopia for one to create themselves in the situation. This kind of attraction usually belongs to the two most extreme school. One of them is cult and the other one is traction. Cult takes the attraction to an incomparable rewards, by noting that one would be granted privilege and things that they don’t have (e.g, the fear of talking back, the poor mindset, the laziness to think deeper about life). It is born from the mental of scarcity, all the bad things that happens and all the sorrow by being alive. Traction on the other hand born from the abundance self. It drives people to share and to give to their surroundings their master-craft workmanship. For these people, it is now their time to give back to the society. They can do this because they have sensible security of mind in the first place, so they control their fear risk and they know exactly what they are doing and what they are facing.

How orchestrated a cause is will depend on how "selfless" the subject is
How orchestrated a cause is will depend on how “selfless” the subject is

The Catch

Laying the foundation of what the law of attraction model could yield, the best possible result can only be induced by the element outside the system. It is by knowing the elements that attract the variables into their convergence point, passing the action threshold and at the same time maintaining the true self in a collective motor. So instead by doing things according to well-layed out plan, it might be easier to control the flow of attraction by being flexible and only laying out plan when needed.

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Thank you for reading this far, I hope you reached the point where you are triggered to think and to reflect on yourself as the closest image. Curious..? Confused..? You are supposed to be. Tell me what you think below about law of attraction and how it has been a good or a bad experience in your life !

The totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of a society forms a determinate system with a life of its own. It can be termed the collective or creative consciousness.

—Emile Durkheim


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