Closing The Gap: Be an Active Observer !

I have outlined the beauty of the Law of Attraction and the practical wisdom that comes from it. Practical wisdom can only be useful when as a whole it is constantly tested and measured along the experience we as a human gathers in our lives.

Here are two of the important practice from Law of Attraction:

  • Law of Attraction doesn’t know if it is running down a cliff. This means that without having macroscopic picture, most chance is you are simply ‘used’ by society to go to specific direction without a meaningful distance travelled.
  • Attraction can be induced. This means that the excitement -dubbed as: passion- or as we call attraction may not be the genuine result of your value/quality.

Law of Attraction is about convergence point, passing action threshold and maintaining the true self in a collective motor.

Attraction Inducers and Action Threshold

Revisiting last weekend’s article.. There are 3 levels of attraction inducers which influences someone’s action threshold -the internal bargain of one’s risk to take action-, keeping it short…starting from the weakest to the strongest:

  1. Natural Instinct of Survival. The ‘Who’. The relation of meeting particular quality and values when faced with satisfaction such as the conformation of identity. This is commonly known as reward-punishment in management.


  2. Order and Beauty. A system gives certainty, certainty respects the privilege of people. In time people are invested in it.

    It's the Major in Life
    Order, beauty, certainty.

  3. Hope. Hope gives birth to: Vision, Dreams, Utopia. Hope provides the possibility of the biggest gain one can have. There are two extreme school, cult and traction.

    We are all.
    We are all.

If you want to know more about these three attraction inducers, take a look at last weekend’s article. [“Birds of a feather, flocking together.” – Point 2. Attraction Can be Induced]

I would like to elaborate more about the third inducer as it is the strongest factor for us to pass the action threshold in order to travel the distance. “Hope”. There is no better practical word to describe the root of the two extremes. Hope is both cult and traction. Cult promises incomparable rewards as long as you follow certain set of rules dictated. It is born from the mental of scarcity. Traction born from the abundance of self. It manifests as sharing and caring towards their surroundings in order to improve and empower their surrounding by delivering a master-craft workmanship. Armed with their own sensible security of mind, people with traction control their risk and exactly know what they want and what they are facing.

Attraction or Traction?

     Attraction born from scarcity. It is because you feel you have less compared to your quality then you feel like you are attracted into something. For simple illustration, let us see how an advertisement practice does to people. Yes, each of us must have had the experience where an ad basically makes us compare ourselves to the quality advertised, be it a knowledge, social status, mostly material status. Thus why most times attraction may not be real, you can refer to the three attraction inducers from above passage. Now, what is attraction..? It is a state. A reference point where we measure the distance towards the quality or standard lay outed by external sources. Good news is, attraction causes change. It is the nature of a condition. Changes are consistent…but..does attraction deliver..? Also another important thing to note is that attraction is two-sided. This means that attraction can only exist when you have values/quality to compare to.

     Traction naturally comes from the strongest level of attraction, which is “Hope”. Born from the abundance of self, it is the way to give back to society. While born from the same core of attraction, traction is a form of force, not a state. Being a force it is very natural to drive and empower us to travel the distance. It is one-sided, meaning you don’t need a comparative quality/value because you set the trend -the same trend is what vision and dream is-, it is a whole different class of quality.

Attraction Traction
Born from Scarcity of Self Born from Abundance of Self
A state A force
Causing change – contemplating the distance Causing movement – travel the distance
Susceptible from external values Influential to external practitioner
Two-sided One-sided

To have Traction

Through the wisdom of attraction and traction, we want to always be having traction as it empowers us and make us travel the distance. The next question comes in as we practice the roles in our society. We all have our part to play. The prerequisite for us to be able to generate traction for our society to level up is by being factually accepted in the area of abundance. This starts from having a sensible security of mind and knowing your starting point. We all have new things to learn everyday, learn long enough, there will come the time when it is the time for us to give back. This practical role who generates traction in society is called an active observer.

An active observer knows the big picture, can empower where it is the weakest, and introduces disturbance into the system aimed for travelling the distance. The distance travelled is what makes our lives full of adventure and of course, happiness and satisfaction also comes from it. Are you ready to close the gap..? Be The Force. [bctt tweet=”So, want to make a change..? No, you don’t. Because you want to make the travel.”]

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