Roles in Our Lives

The Roles in Our Lives

In life, we are more often than not forced to deal with things and a lot of shit happens along the way.. but what did we do that makes us exposed to shit unfortunates..?

We will never know the cause but there are those who want to understand the cause. Unfortunately ‘understanding’ is the root of every misplaced decisions by those who are not in practice because :
1. We can only control ourselves and our play.
2. We don’t know what are we playing, is it a game, or an activity.

In playing a game, victory is our goal.
In doing an activity, progress is our goal.
These two important things will distinguish which form of improvement you can empower.

It is undisputed that human seek excitement, wisdom, and experience. What matters is about expanding the horizon, catching your dream, and knowing what’s best for oneself in the same time. The meaningful things.
Still, it breaks to see when “who has more debate skills” is more interesting than the importance of what is relevant now. Communication is not about right or wrong.
A conversation, like facts, don’t welcome the space where we are fighting for each other’s idea, it should be about exchanging our thoughts to expand the horizon.
The same happens in the society. In society, it is between you and the world. You have to converse with it.

When you converse with the world, the roles in our young society will become straightforward because there is no win or lose. Conclusion will always come from facts.
Then, there are only two roles. Each role is equal and stand from a premise or cause and ready for change.

Live life Courageously. Inspire yourself and others. Live the dream in Harmony.
Live life Courageously. Inspire yourself and others. Live the dream in Harmony.

The Two Extremes

We are familiar with the concept of industry. Industry is an economic activity where we process raw materials, manufacture goods, refine ideas. From this statement, the practical roles are tied with the process in the industry associated. Let’s be blunt, there is only two roles in an industry as well as society:

Thinker and Worker.

A healthy society needs thinkers to protect us from plastic thinking. A thinker asks good questions and figures things out with an independent spirit. A thinker rarely cuts and pastes or makes simple copies, and never steals or plagiarizes. A thinker plays the game.
A progressive society needs worker to keep it going. A worker increases value and solve social gridlocks by feedbacks for change. A worker make the activity going.

The beauty on these roles, is that they have same weight and same potential.
Society these days views a thinker is somewhat higher class than a worker. Is this because of the money..?
Sadly, yes.. but it’s because money is the only measurement scale we have since we are born. That leads to wrong practice, so wrong it basically put a wall between the only two roles in our society.

Going to the next page let us see that when a worker play his role well, a worker can basically put a stop on a company, or a country, in a sense.

We need a better measurement scale that tip the trade-off we make between being a worker and being a thinker.

Taking this to the practice, you must have heard gross domestic product (GDP), but have you heard about social progress index (SPI)..?
I will cover GDP and SPI on my future article. I will also illustrate the adaptive solution to the trade-off we make.
In the end it won’t matter if you are officially a thinker or a worker because only by practising both you are a complete person or risk living a complacent life.

A Social Worker

Practising these roles are similar to be in a relationship. We break up, we make up, only eventually to be waken up. Human race is filled with passion.. all these.. science, engineering, psychology, economy, trade skills, workmanships.. all to sustain life as a civilized being.
Only then we finally realized we ultimately are a social worker. Everyone of us is, in our work we are making our surroundings to travel the distance. In closing the gap, we need to be an active observer.

The social worker
The social worker

Being an active observer plays both roles as a thinker and as a worker. This makes a complete perspective in an industry, not to mention of course a complete person in the society where your consciousness is.

Here is the irony.
I was just talking with one of my long lost friend and allow me to judge here: he’s a successful figure if you only know him from his work, his family, and his financial power.
He said he feels living like a robot.


This robot only comes when you are doing either of the roles..or you work for yourselves. Sadly, he thinks he is more experienced so he waived all my advices. How about you..? 

I am a knower, a learner, and a thinker. – Walt Whitman

We live in a society of pretender.

  • Workers pretend they are OK with their financial security. Buy more respect so they can have their place in society. This is a direct prove of insufficient measurement system. 
  • Thinkers pretend they are OK with their stress-driven goals and their fear of “lacking” meaningful time with their loved ones.

What you read is my opinion, my view, and my practice.
Your turn, this time it is your choice. What if.. say, you are not (yet?) in one of the two roles in society..?
“Congratulations, you haven’t been a part of society.” is what I always say because really we all have passed this big questions in our lives..


it’s because when someone’s talking about life, what really matters.. You freaked out. But you are not late yet.

Get a life, not a moment.. Get to work, not a job..
I hope we can be wiser and live as a complete being as we are the way of the universe to understand itself.
Spend some time in your journey, get some vacation, take everything you can.
In time you will have a sensible security of mind.

If you find this post useful, check out other that may change the way you live. As always, don’t forget to have fun !!

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