Follow The SALE – S is for Security

Follow the SALE; because when you buy it on SALE you actually make money.

Buy and Sell, the two main activities in an active market. In this era of information, market often means Society. Know your market, you know the society. To know the market, you should know the relation between you and the society you live in. Understanding the pattern of your lifestyle is the key to achieve the balance between need/luxury which also means the start in breaking the cycle of consumerism. Consumerism is a lifestyle where you are controlled by your leverage engine and buying power. In a financial term it means you are not controlling your financial agenda. In a more social term it is very easy to understand; we all have that one acquaintance who need to maintain their image or try hard in getting to the better side of people. This is the brutal example of consumerism. Consumerism is not practical. Blame us. Homo sapiens is one great evolutionary track achievement. We adapt easily to situations and eventually we shifted our paradigm because we are used to it. The “bad” becomes “normal”.. this is what I despise from the society. Simply because it is true.

The Concept

Society right now has a much lower action threshold for decision. In English..? These days society in general has much lower risk to consider in making a decision. This happens because the nature of information distribution is so widespread. Easier decision making means easier for you to decide before you think it once more. The ravaging information we get from our fingertips makes us constantly engaged in various things, demanding our attention and respond to it.

Pyramid of Access

What does this mean..? Practically information is the main motivator in decision making. Those who own the information/media/hype will shape the crowd. Unfortunately now it is very easy to see communities dictates the quality of a product because general community has lower reference of “good” -while the definition of “good” at most will be different than yours. Come to think of it, it is given in almost every modern society that access (and with it, perspective of quality) distribution is illustrated as a pyramid. This means information need to be targeted to the most majority of people, designed, and tailored to suit the “quality”. The interesting part is that you might not need that perception of quality because most chance you need more than a “quality” tailored for the many, and that is also why it is very important to measure and to understand the flow of information between you and the society you live in.

Society now is built upon leverage, not intrinsic value. This happens because we are in the intersection of changing generation. That is, from a generation where you-need-to-work-to-get-food to a generation where you-need-to-work-to-not-get-bored. The real value of “work” itself has progressed from a value of need to a value of luxury. The society as now is divided into pyramid that describes the quality of access which has an unfiltered flow of information from top to bottom-blame the internet-. Information is mixed up across the stage of pyramid. It is so confusing most people overlook the other 99.99966% (6 sigma process) opportunities that is defected and returned to process flow. For example, people only look for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates while they don’t buy the story of almost successful people. Why..? Simple, because it won’t sell. Translated: Other 99.99966% doesn’t have enough “like” for you to read and take a look.

The majority of people don’t operate in the same environment and condition as the awesome figures above. While it is true they have their grit and tenacity, most of them also get more privilege from either they earn it or they just somehow got it. I would regard this as a depth of field. The depth of field you practice makes you understand the intrinsic value of the respected subject/things/action. The same way when you discuss a thing to a business person he/she will subject only to the profit they can make out of the discussion (they use discussion as the leverage to extend their profitability), they can not see critically out of their respected subject. Most of us has left the aspect of being critical as general subject, in the layman’s term, we loss the vision and the practice of wisdom. The reason is simple, we flock to the community we think we can get something from and doing so we tripped ourselves with the idea of contributing back by developing deeper specific content subjected to ourselves. We are consumed by the leverage we should have controlled. Not knowingly, we traded the wisdom we had. Although this can be prevented if we are used to be an active observer.

Now I want you to take a look at yourself, or your kid, or whomever you think need this. There are many stories and discrepancies of action which makes us realize that the real value is missing. Based from mindset of abundance, it is true that there lies so many opportunities to work on and it is also ridiculous to compete with the Millennials in the Silicone Valley if you came from later age. The message: There is no need to play in the field you are not. No need to dream too much without proper knowledge/plan.

The Technical

Follow the SALE
Follow the SALE

S -is for- Security

Work with me, the point is to shift your paradigm from those who are not decision maker to be one, for those who work for credit to have credit work for you. Welcome new information in as your reference, realize what intrinsic value is in it towards you. Absorb more. Think more. Judge more. Simple.

Decision and leverage. Information and intrinsic value.

It is not only about money but also about other practical things.. yet since money has always been quantified and it is ready to measure it became the perfect tools for us to learn about Sensible Security. Let us discuss about financial security as it is one of the fundamental aspects of society and also serves as a good example.

1. Flow Flow means there is a transfer from A to B, in this case, between you and the society. Regardless of direction, it is important to know how much and how long the flow occurred. Like water. Flow will seek balance if it is not managed. To manage the flow, you will need to first measure it. Praxis is about practical wisdom. It is by doing it you will reckon that there are some changes to your lifestyle that you can make.

Financial counterpart is called cashflow. From cashflow you can get the information on your lifestyle such as the ratio you spent on needs and on not-need/luxury things, cost-allocation, saving-allocation, and most importantly allowance-allocation. Do the same thing with time, I guarantee you’ll have reached the balance of life.

2. Sum of Worth Defined simply as total of access. “How fulfilled your needs is..?” “How far you are from the luxury you are able to access..?” This answer will vary according to each people, remember at the top we have discussed about leverage and intrinsic value. Be honest with yourself and take a look at your intrinsic value and your leverage worth.. Both of them should already give you the illustration of what possible to achieve in your condition, and which area one should improve.

For me in my current condition, it is a balance of life. I have illustrated this in previous article in How Money Works but let me iterate a bit.

“Only because you can do things doesn’t mean only you need to do it.”

This statement it acts like a manifesto, it declares to the public mainly yourself about your policy, principle, and also aim, before you start an activity or game. Manifesto is really important because believe it or not it dwells in your subconsciousness. But let’s not get too spiritual.

Financial counterpart is called Balance Sheet. Here basically you’ll get the chart between contribution and what you take. Between you and society. You will be able to calculate your quarterly performance, education/vacation return, also it is very useful to test a change of lifestyle. Of course this area will need thorough updates, I myself don’t really do this except once in half a year.

3. Projection When will it happen..? Projection is not the same as when one goal should be achieved. In Projection, one will have to transfer and accommodate the access into the mitigated timeline for the future. It is possible to design one’s wealth as it is measurable. However it is important to keep in mind that when doing projection one should have a mindset born of traction, this in turn will become crucial in deciding the factors that will compromise. It will make your plan easier to start as you will have the milestone and at the same time the highest risk possible. Yet at the same time the manageable risk makes it flexible enough to have a new impromptu action plan that really is the color of life to respond to situations.

  • From This; majority of us I believe is this, because the pyramid of quality is a fact 2.1
  • To This 1
  • or maybe this 1.2

Account the flow, define your sum of worth, and apply projection to a time frame.  The crazy part is, I realized that I won’t be able to put in tutorial or even my template because it is really unique to our lifestyle and our habit. Believe me, I tried to document it but it is too hard to explain in one or two article for each complementary template even if I assume you already know the basic sheet(s) in financial management. It will also be meticulous if you are a carefree person to actually practice it, every week, bit by bit. So just you know the concept and the practice principle. This habit of keeping note and updating like a journal has been going on since I was in my junior high school. It takes time.

There’s always a big surge before the coming of the great wave. Are you going to keep surfing or are you going to be watching from the beach for THE SAME RISK of being washed away..?

Practice it step by step, start from be conscious on what you contribute and what you get, then it usually lift off a lot of load from your shoulder. That way for sure you will be able to achieve a relaxed consciousness, that is, you really are here because you are here. In meditation they also call it mindfulness, but really it is just a state where everything is in manageable condition… and this will change if you don’t follow the second part of SALE which is A -stands for Autonomy. We will discuss about this in the next article.

The feeling when you have everything in manageable scale is often a comfort zone for some people, if you are in one, time to kick your ass. For some other who are born from traction, it is the calm before the storm. Don’t forget to have fun! May this knowledge is helpful for those who need and be a reminder for those who does. As always, life is beautiful, people are awesome !!

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2 thoughts on “Follow The SALE – S is for Security

  1. Good to know that you are interested in financial matter too.
    I got a Bfo from a fengshui seminar, the word balance tends to be static, while the word equilibrium is more a balance in a dynamic mode.
    so as life is keep moving forward, equilibrium is more interesting rather than a static balance of life
    The bfo I got from the fengshui seminar: Your should always get your boat ready and in good form, the knowledge and capability of fengshui is just a skill how you utilize the sail screen to take the advantage of the wind and weather to speed up your boat to reach your destiny.

    1. In thermodynamics, equilibrium is described as constant exchange of energy between the system and the ambient. IMO that’s best for older generations, for younger generations we like stability more because we love the ups and downs too..
      Ultimately both can be driven to the destination we want it to be.

      The more interesting point from this article is actually the crowd tendency to expand the drama, to be “irrationally exuberant” and then being hysteric when it the “bubble” pop.
      Makes me laugh.

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