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A good life starts from a life of security. Once a life has a sense of security, it then can be able to look up or look down accordingly. The morale of looking up or looking down then will be depending on the person as the person has the ability to do so. Security can be sensed when it is measurable, manageable, but NOT controllable.

Why don’t we like controllable situation? Controlled situation means an established situation where it allows you to tweak the system parameter to cook up the results you want. This also means that most often you play way below your manageable risk and translates to stagnation.

In developing a Praxis behavior it is very important to not be stiff and be boxed by a set of rules. Rule of thumb is to respond accordingly to situations; keep calm and take identification of issue, be an active observer and judge the situation, devise traction to get out of mess and achieve higher-access.

Why respond..? Because Praxis behavior decides that a process is constantly embraced, absorbing all the change and developing an entirely new understanding in order to make progress.

Progress is Higher-Access

Following the S.A.L.E, higher-access means the condition of having more options to go through when we are faced with the constant occurring change (the trade off between need/luxury). Change is chaotic, a condition where there is no definite support in order of progress. In order to embrace change, we take a position as an active observer then establish a point of insertion. 

What left is to determine how far of a distance we can travel from current insertion, but that is what people who favors common-access do. We can do better.

This is the sole importance of sensible security, to define the intrinsic value of ourselves. This definition then makes us able to decide. What left is to determine how far of a distance we can travel from current insertion point, but that is what people who favors common-access do. We, can do better.

To determine how far of a distance we have to travel, we go back to the regards of attraction and traction because they are the prime mover of our action. Remember that attraction can be induced..? Every attraction group relates into the intensity of effort we are willing to invest in. Attraction makes us contemplate the distance and wait for feedback from external sources. More than that, we also know the concept of traction as a force that makes the trend. Traction makes us travel the distance by empowering our surrounding towards the dream or the vision we want to arrive to.

Unfortunately, be it an investment from attraction or an empowerment from traction, to be able to do those we need to have the ability to act. That practical ability comes in two style, freedom and autonomy.

What is the ability to act..?
What is the ability to act..?

Freedom or Autonomy. Which is your style..?

Freedom. A quality that describes the ability to act as an investment based of attraction. Freedom can also be imagined as a maximum resistance -like a bar- as it is earned and fought for the ideals or the principle of an external source who acts as “the giver” be it a country, a company, or even, a family member.

It is by caging herself in the dance floor then she is allowed to dance as she likes, because well, she is a dancer.

For example, take a look at labor wage. If wage are not enough labor force will go on strike in demand for higher-access (in this case, wage) which make the factory stop operation for a while. After a discussion and negotiation there will be the coming back of the condition assuming the same role of labor and of employers and therefore operation will resume as nothing has ever happened. When this works, this pattern of solution for the giver is then simple. Flood the population with those who has lower-access, then common-access people will afford to make an effort to live while in predetermined freedom. This in turn makes the meaning of freedom to be a mere measurement of agreed acting ability within the negotiated premise. This happens if we are invested in a system that works. We are having hierarchy of instructor and decision maker while not looking our care-object as a person with the same respectable knowledge and operating capability. There is always the boss and the worker, the master and the slave, the highlander and the lowlander. The key to get out of this mess is to not blame each other and to accept that things won’t work as before. Are we going to change how we do things..? maybe, but we never know. One we know for sure is to have our standing and opinion always stated so we won’t lose our self in time, consumed into the system and the practice of subjugation. If we want to get into higher-access as a society, first we have to change the entirety of concept from “earning freedom” to “being autonomous”.

which brings us into

Autonomy. Autonomy is not the opposite of freedom, in fact in a system that works, from freedom then we are entitled to have autonomy. The difference between freedom and autonomy comes in the basis of action. Freedom is given from external source, while Autonomy is the acknowledgement of a subject’s sovereignty. This in turn is the perfect distance traveler as we can improve, grow, and empower from traction towards higher-access. This matters when we have manifested our self to be an active observer in a system. Being autonomous means there is no relation between oneself against the outer world, be it option, choices, and decisions, all comes from a self. The condition of having autonomy precedes the need of solution because it is always there, even before a problem arose. Autonomy doesn’t need any permission because an active observer knows what is happening, what needs to be done, and the ultimate cause ‘why’ it needs to be done. We can say that autonomy brings in the factor of conscience, an element of understanding between an active element in society and the society itself. How one contributes and how one takes from the society. Autonomy differs from Freedom in its character that it it inert (it doesn’t have other interest e.g party, political), it only cares about the vision, the dream, the hope of what we can potentially be. It is not impossible for every one of us to have autonomy if we all have an abundant choice/options, which means it is quite a rare trait for those who has lower-access by current standard in society… but that is also why autonomy is one powerful tool if you are to climb the pyramid of access in the society.

Freedom Autonomy
Given by external source; “the giver Is always there, a manifestation of being an active observer
Limited movement Unlimited movement
You work for the giver You work with the Society

A -is for- Autonomy

We can start by treating each person as a person, not as his job title, or his failure, or his background… and that means yourself too. Freedom is one good condition as there is certainty and it is guaranteed by the giver. For most of us this condition is enough but for more of us it is far from enough. What is the fun of expected results in society..? It is not sustainable as change is always haunting by the door. At the same time autonomy is not for everyone. Autonomy only will emerge in a system which has extra affordable resources or an entity without a system. This may sounds bad, but for some of us it may still sounds better than “freedom can only emerge in a controlled system, it needs sacrifice, and it needs protection”. I know it is a bit hard for us who came from a darker past or unlucky background to practice and realize Autonomy and it may well be not my place to ask you to drop what has passed as just a past.. after all, we all remember, that what makes us a person today. That is why I share this idea, for us to not be chained by the freedom as a prize, and for us to realize that there is an option to have autonomy on our self and most importantly our mind. Because how much freedom one can get never means the same as how much autonomy one radiates. Don’t miss it.
We all know that progress can only be achieved through action, yet which license of action should we take..? That is the big question you have to answer yourself, AFTER you decide who you are.
At the same time I won’t argue more as it will be unfair against those who has no time to think and “earned” their position, title and luxury in the society. (think of your parents? maybe)
We all deserve a fulfillment in our lives, don’t miss it.
Once we settled with autonomy as the style in our action, eventually we will be able to practice the next step of S.A.L.E, which is Liberty. I hope we can have a much wiser life and also a much fulfillment as a human, a contributor of civilization, and a creative conscience born of traction.
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2 thoughts on “Follow The SALE – A is for Autonomy

  1. Excellent explanation on the idea of Freedom Vs Autonomy. Unfortunately not many people have those deep digestion, as majority is still in the circle of rat race.

    1. True, in order for them to transcend the circle of rat race they need to embrace change. This is why I emphasize the need of traction rather than attraction. To think first before you do, but think to much means not doing too.
      Our society has always had the same problem which is distribution, is it because the distribution system itself is imperfect, or it is designed to be imperfect…?
      Both means we have to do something from our side individually and we can not hope for government too much.

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