Follow The SALE – Liberty in Practice

This is an example page for a concept article Follow The SALE – L is for Liberty, check it out if you have not ! Liberty only happen only and if only the requirements are met, which are:

  1. Clarity of Destination (vision, dream, hope, etc)
  2. Lower action threshold – Sensible Security
  3. Self-determination – Autonomy

One example for you to be able to practice and follow the SALE

  • Clarity of Destination Problem: People are dumb, real dumb and stupid as they are affected by crowd psychology so much they can’t even pay their cars without overtime. Facts: Older generation are hopeless, they are chained by their kids. Solution: So he need to educate the younger generations.
  • Sensible Security – A system, A belief, A manifesto. System: He knows his expense – Cash flow, balance sheet, and projection. As of now he knows he can live ~1 year without doing anything and keeping his lifestyle. In this society, this is the kind of security that keeps you going, after all, we all need money. Manifesto: He doesn’t care what people say – He has his parents who are awesome & strict (No pocket money!), his siblings who are still a cocoon in this society, and most of all, there is always a woman supporting what he does. Belief: Music is forever – he lost hope in humanity so many times, but there is music. He just have to give regards to music among his respects to other form of art, poetry, and romance, because it is.
  • Autonomy – The Art of Unlimited Movement. At his job he has unofficial ‘jurisdiction’ because he is an active observer – People don’t threaten him without any possible losses – he knows this is not good, but who says so..? 😉 He also able to finish his job usually 3 hours before he should be. 3 hours to do anything he wants everyday at work is a lot of time. So he curate a website, after he learned everything in building the website at work.
  • Liberty – Imagine what you or I can do if we are him. People from the older generation will regard him as a lazy bum of society because they are operating in achievement-based society, this brings us back to Point 2He doesn’t care.

Life is simple. Be a simple man (or elegant woman). Love life, do what works, and really, be yourself.

For us younger generation, we have other things to fight for. Things like preventing war from destroying beauty, things like building up a new model of economy, things like educating people to think for themselves. That is what I believe and what I fight for. As is, everyone of us has a unique expertise in our lives, never compare yourself with other person, because the last thing you need is the comparison making yourself waver of who you are. People flock to the community because they think they can get some of the pie but they never see they auctioned their freedom, autonomy, and their liberty… It is a miracle if they could reach the evolution in the long term.
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