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When you read “evolution”, what comes up to your mind..? First things first, this discussion doesn’t talk about your belief as a group that oppose or support the evolution theory in biology as it is not practical. I don’t care about that because you should.

Evolution is not always better,
Evolution is not always better,

Evolution in SALE started with sensible Security. Once we had our reason(s), we are then able to pay attention to the important things that matter to reach the higher-access. However, sensible security can only be realized once we understand the concept of action threshold and intrinsic value in everyday processes. What decides then is the prime mover, is it by attraction or by traction..? Ultimately this preparation will makes us ready to travel the distance and embrace evolution. [Law of Attraction – What you don’t know about it]

There’s always a big surge before the coming of the great wave. Are you going to keep surfing or are you going to be watching from the beach for THE SAME RISK of being washed away..?

Second is Autonomy. It is the ability to take the action we need to travel the distance. Autonomy entitles us the unlimited movement we need to make the change and not absorbed by the drama/politics of a particular collective motor. In this society where leverage and hype has higher stake compared to the intrinsic values, it’s very important to has the ability of action as a proactive element in almost every situations. The cool thing about having Autonomy as your action style is that in the end of the game -or, in the next step to progress in your activity- you will feel the fulfillment; that you can say “this is my/ours creation”.

This all brings into the ability to grant Liberty. Empowering our surroundings opens up entire resource to act (leverage, position, etc). I prefer not to drag this further, here is the practice of Liberty, click the helpful post especially if you are in leadership position or managerial position in your job, it will outlay what you missed and what you should do. Now, let’s get into…

E is Evolution

Practically, evolution is the transformation in everyday life. If you understand it biologically it will be much easier concept to adapt in your life and we can jump into civilization right away, but let me try to describe it practically here. Evolution is about Control and Liability. Throughout known history and practice of evolution, it has always been between control of resources and liability -or should I say ‘risk’- management that prevents a life to be and to reach higher-access. Unfortunately the higher-access is what a civilization is.

There are all kinds of civilizations described based on control and liability and there is no end if we are to discuss about it. This happens because civilization itself is defined as “the one considered most advanced (form of government, culture, industry, and social terms)” AND the most vulnerable to change. You can even say change is the character of civilization because change symbolizes progress. I need to make clear that the change we are discussing above will be on individual scale because traction assimilate and extract win/win solution ALWAYS and it is possible to do so in the large scale. Translated: Change in individual scale means Assimilation in larger scale (society).

One might ask, why do we need to understand civilization..? Civilization decides how one would respond towards their inability to control and their liability of identity. To funnel it in, it is about an entirely new experience which is unpredictable and often described as “out of your comfort zone therefore has greater risk”. The good news: Civilization is your choice. Now, before we venture in much further it is important to note that civilization tends to get lower. For example, it is easier to get mad rather than to converse especially if you don’t operate on the same basis.

The Choice that Always Changes and Decides

Evolution is distinct from stagnancy though it is hard to differentiate. It occurs in small progresses throughout a significantly greater span of activities. We learn history because of the awe, the respect and the message passed from the previous generations of intelligent civilization. It is the sole source of self-control, outer-respect, and appreciation to reality. These all can be reached only if we are behaving as an active observer and realize that through the world of abundance it is possible for each of us to have a sensible security. This is the solution to the first milestone in evolution; liability. Throughout history, the higher intelligent conscience (active observer) is aware of what it is doing, and therefore, their choices. The absorption of new information makes it vulnerable to change. Embracing change and being flexible defeats the need to have control, which is the second milestone towards evolution.

A close example will be the current society we live in which is built upon order and certainty. It sounds nice and awesome? Think again.

Cogs of Society, what a fulfillment in life.
Cogs of Society, what a fulfillment in life.

Defined job description that leans into specialization provides well worked out job for the element to perform as a cog in the bigger designed society system. This is one of the pointed out “must” in the economy. We can’t be picky, current economy system was designed based on the principle of scarcity.  Specialization of job was deemed solution at that time when technology wasn’t as advanced as nowadays. At that time, technology was the limitation to biological evolution. Now it is almost the opposite; “Biology limits the advance of technology.” 

At that time, technology was the limitation to biological evolution. Now it is almost the opposite; “Biology limits the advance of technology.”

The character such as human psychology (7 sins), belief (religion, stiffness in principal, afraid of change), and economy (consumerism and unawareness of how money works)  provides one-thousand-one reasons for us to limit ourselves, securing for resources, and ultimately destroy ourselves. This is ironically the exact opposite of the evolution to reach higher-access. Spiraling the downward torrent of control (‘cog’ of society need to be controlled), we design an economy system to control by means of consumerism and perfected media as conformists to ideas such as richer means “more”, “higher”, “strata”, all while we missed the reason of liberty as leverage rather than a cage, and autonomy as a person.

Despite how accurate it seems, it is a fight for another time. Right now, dreams are fading from younger people and visions are scarce. There should be a wisdom so simple that we can do to bring it all to higher-access, higher civilization and back to our cause of being alive. When there are incidents, you see the real in people. Ugly, helpless, ignorant, biased, some complaints, some isolate themselves.

“People unite”, what is the practical meaning..? Demonstration, vandalism; anarchist activities in the finest quality. These acts brings the chain of arrogance and collective action threshold lower in which people psychology again brings us to not the correct destination. It is animal’s nature to kill, to plunder and to conquer, in which we as a human also subjected into. In this time where it seems to be the right track to kill, to plunder, remember that we have what’s called the cerebrum. The forehead, the bigger part of your brain. So far science has understand the functions of it and it actually is as simple to a translation functions. It translates:

  • “fu**” to “respect”
  • “punch” to “negotiate”
  • “kill” to “evolve”
  • “plunder” to “solve”

We just have to learn to use it well and to not lose hope. Be the traction, empower people. [How? Be an Active Observer] In life, there is no greater purpose rather than being alive. One notion of being alive is to innovate new (things, products, process, etc), and solve old problems. There is no need to create new problems for the sake of an identity or control. Turned out, Life is easy, society is simple. You just need To Be or Not To Be.

And people? They’re awesome. Right?

After that you can explore an artist’s approach to life, like Van Gogh said in its entirety “For my part I know nothing in certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream.”

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