The Society – Relation v Relationship

Now, starting from this post and on it will be all the interesting discussions. After we are confident that life is easy and society is simple… After we understand that we can have control, but we don’t really want it.. because well, each of us is unique, it will be hard to keep track on everything, furthermore to travel the distance.. so.. we prefer to close the gap by being an active observer and make sure we know what we are doing.

Then comes the tool and models, there are many tools but the easiest is Money, but what matters really from money..? It is value. But, what is value..? Why do some of us live in model luxury and some others live in poverty..? What is luxury..? What is the cycle of consumerism..? How to break the cycle..?

No really, what do you want to be..? Why should you be..? This needs spiritual answer and it’s on you, it’s not my job and not my work to design your life, you have the authenticity and the capability to be. So.. Let’s do this !!

The Concept

Society is about relation, sadly it is not always a relationship which we as a human are very good at. What do you mean, Franky..? Relation is about how things work. Relationship is about agreement of state.

We realize that in the western countries, every time you say “Yes” you are opening a whole opportunities for you to flourish and to improve yourself. It is opposite in the eastern world, every time you say “Yes” doesn’t always mean you are entitled to the same opportunities, sadly. One thing you need to pay attention though, it’s about different principal of action. Most of the time to gain freedom you will need to say “yes”, but saying it more more than what you can handle means you are losing yourself.

The practice, it’s easy to get into “position” when you literally say “yes” and do the work, which interestingly it is the real definition of being a professional. Look, I’m not stating that every manager and director are somewhat a puppet in an organizational experience, but these days it is getting more and more. This only answers to the burden of proof for a theory that says society is about relation and it’s not a relationship. 

Relation is about how things work. Relationship is about agreement of state.

The cool opposite occurrence happens in the eastern countries where having a good relationship often means to get a share of land, you can be a small king in a sovereign autonomy. ….and from here too there will be a lot of “leadership” and “management” topics that can be extracted, but those stuff you can learn from other sources as most of the time those are just theory to be tested. Now after realizing these things, we have to ask ourselves, “what happens when the two divergence realized in an organization, or say, country..?” We have the perfect example. It’s Japan. In Japan it is a situation overlap between the east and the west management principles, between loyalty and performance, between productivity and innovation. The practice line is so blur, suicide rate are that high because people lose themselves and tried to find themselves. Finding themselves so extreme it might mean taking control of liability which is life itself.

What ‘The Society’ Means

Let us take a look on what a society practically is and what does it mean for us as a productive element in it. In the macro it is as simple as we are working thus we pay income tax and kept the economy going, though even that, there’s always a man that want the world burn and it is easier for them to do that rather than not. This happens because civilization tends to degrade rather than upgrade due to comparison of control and greater liabilities, plus, hope are easily broken when one is not an active observer. This comparison of control and growing liabilities are suffered across the social structure and constantly bugging The Agreement. In the tighter relation we faced structures such as; castes, social customs, and unfair benefits (race,religion, etc). This is since when we were ancient enough and it is still widely adopted in the society. We have to ask if there is a irreplaceable function of social structure (castes, social customs, unfair benefits), why does this practice still flourish in this modern ‘now’ society..?

Social Structure

Since Ancient Egypt there already is a social structure, which is until now still practiced albeit with different circumstances. Social structure illustrates a job description and describe how the relation to the state that is agreed in the society that works. In social structure we also see social institutions with each of their role in it.

 Social Structure
Ancient Egypt Social Structure
 Mayan Social Structure
Mayan Social Structure

Things to think about: How is the modern social structure compared to the ancient (Egypt, Mayan, etc)…? Do the West and the East has different modern social structure..?

The Agreement

The Agreement keeps things going
The Agreement keeps things going no matter what

Social structure will not work without social institutions that governs the rules and change the laws into agreeable state. One event in the history that was so extreme it overthrows the social structure was the French Revolution. French Revolution in the Europe was a milestone that marked the end of the authority of monarchy and give ways to emerging ideals of civil rights to what commonly known as liberty, equality, fraternity. The French Revolution however didn’t completely eradicate the function of social structure and its institutions even when it worked from the outside of social structure, there is no doubt it is better now but we are still shadowed by the remains of unfair benefits (race, religion, language, etc). The other event in the history that wasn’t so extreme it progresses along our civilization right under our nose is the applied technology and the science “Industrial Revolution” based approach to things, this explains as the adoption of technology into the contribution of society.

It is important to note that along the practice social structure has shifted from power-based agreeable states into improved-added value agreeable state. The fact that we now live in the cities -urbanization- and there is no need for some of us to literally work-the-land is one agreeable state we are proud of, until there is the collapse of the social structure because it is not working anymore. The problem here is the changes that occurs in the stake of improved technologies, most people don’t realize that they need to change their ways, assimilate new cultures, and comprehend how society works.

On the other hand, improved-added value “disruptive” technology also will not work, albeit it is much simple and shorter distance it basically disrupts -hence the name- infrastructure (which also means the social structure) we have now. This happens mainly because:

  1. The dynamics of social authority / institutions. Technologies are fast, people are slow. Those who create laws and rules can’t catch up fast enough remembering the massive population it governs. This then prompt us to ask, is the current government liable to the lose of unemployment due to the applied disruptive technologies..? Is the current government fail to practice the social structure that works..?
  2. The inventor of “disruptive” technology thinks that his invention is a solution and not a problem. In fact in the first few years it is a problem. One person or even a group will not be able to comprehend how the psychology of people work, specifically on the new product introduction. This points into the ‘market research’ done in the background of inventing the technology. Focus group is never 100 million people or 10 million people, in fact it is even less. It is why the ‘free market’ philosophy will never work too. We then have to ask; how much stake does the investor of the disruptive technology should be deemed responsible to the same unemployment issue and the lesser prosperity of the people..?

The good news though, by understanding how society works we should be able to come up with solutions before it become a problem. The question remains, what is the solution that does not halt the progress of technology and yet supportive to The Agreement in the social structure we have now..?

The key word is “The Agreement”.

Now speaking about The Agreement, is there a need of a country, government…? What can we do..? Do we actually have choices…? Yep, talking about the society is talking about life itself….and all the interesting part in it. 

They say that life is a choice, then they also said the choices are forced choices. What do you think..?

Next time we will take a look on how choice really works in the society, considering society as a relation of quality between things. People often live in the world just breathing and eating while adapting to whatever came at their door, becoming stronger individual in the process. Sadly in that process people lose the chance to dream and the confidence to face new problems. It is one of the reason in life adventure as we know it but it is also as sad as people who live “in reality” often assume that they who has no regret tell them lies.

Though I may be writing from my experience, it is an incomplete experience as I haven’t had the chance to live in the society of European Countries and Middle East Countries, a perspective from those locations are much appreciated.

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