The Society – Clockwork of Excellence

Apathetic – Lack of Passion

Ignorance – Lack of Knowledge

Basically we don’t want to be ignorant but it is impossible to know everything, else we will be a chicken without head as our brain can only keep track of that much relevant information to utilize. So..? First things first, we don’t want to be apathetic as it leads into ignorance. Thus we will need to have the small confidence, little by little cultivated along our way in our participation, or a drastic event that changes us.

Then we ask how many drastic changes we can have in our life..? Once. It is when we realized that the life we live is only once.. and I haven’t met people who are living their second life. My point is: We can really say that age is just a number.

What does that mean..?

It means we don’t have to be as experienced, as old, or as weak to earn the taste of victory, of success, and to be proud of excellence…

…., at least that was my original point. In research for this article I found that most productive aged people (25-40) are bottom plain ignorant and apathetic person. The same slogan “age is just a number” can also mean that we as the next generation are far less from the predicate of excellence, maybe we are not even competent!

The Traction to Change, Not to be Attracted

In this society we are living, those who have the essential knowledge-base and skills don’t want to work for most of the employer. Why..? It simply is not fun doing the work for those who are incompetent. Mind you, the keyword is “not fun”. Specialization makes people lazy, laziness serves stagnation and in time laziness breeds apathetic behavior. Apathetic behavior hence will evolve ignorant bastards. Worse things about evolution..? It is a process, not a state. It’s never that easy to change back.

If ignorant bastard is the mold in this society, we as active observer will not give into the mold, or will somehow find a smart way to get out of the container. Finding smart way usually easy when we are being thorough, after all it always means 3 things:

  1. Root cause (“What?”, “Why?”, “How?”)
  2. Opportunity (Improvement/Corrective; “What if..?”, “Why can’t..?”)
  3. Ability of action (Can do/Can not do; “Let’s..”)

These smart way can be used to generate profitable “solution” but that also means taking from the community which already have “less”. Take a look at businesses and startups, especially their product, their marketing, their psychological warfare. Do we really want the boom in their business and the bust in our finance..? Yes. Keep doing it, spending makes the economy going… or not. You decide.

Don’t be afraid to change, whenever you are off-track you can get back into the mainstream flow as easy as following the hype and your peer’ demands.

The Habit

Curiosity combined with proactive, these two behavior bodes well with the current society that is driven through hype and psychological peer pressure. The catch: It is reassuring that whenever you are off-track you can get back into the mainstream flow as easy as following the hype and your peer’ demands.

I wouldn’t say it’s good or bad, practically it is the same as working a job for other people’ dream. It is legit and fair enough as it is a desired contribution to society. Either you be a high reliable cog in the wheel, or be the driver on the carriage. That’s the bet, it’s that simple in the macro.

Now knowing that, why don’t we play smarter..?

IMPORTANT: Before you read through this article, please be conscious of what you want to use this art for. This art is very capable to be used as an agent of control, or manipulation, also to get what you want. I could write a book for this and gain profit from it but I will not do it. I believe not doing so will make you who understand and be more conscious to use this for greater good rather than simple self-benefiting model. Ethics is the reflection of civilized people. We learn because we want to know more, and shit happens. Are you going to be awesome or are you going to be ugly..?

The Art, 2P1A

Remember in playing a game, never play in an activity (prolonged session as in war of attrition) or the chance you having fun will become so much less. These past 2 years I have researched a model and practiced a bit and I am pretty sure it can be a default principle in our problem solving method. I call this 2P1A (Two passive One active). Passive means we don’t constantly seeking it but you have a default stance for an action. Active means you constantly seek and dig deeper into the game aiming for the essence of the game.

The assumption: 1. You are an active observer 2. You mastered the Security in SALE 3. Your action style is of Autonomy in SALE 4. You have a vision that is share-able and feasible as a team/solo

1st Passive Action (Need-to-know basis)

“Expecting results & patiently waiting.”

Need-to-know basis is derived from a structural practice where you only access to certain facts that is necessary for you to conduct your duties/action. This is usually practiced by government in military/espionage operations. Even though you have the access towards a set of information, you don’t need to know all of them.

When we look deeper into ourselves, you know it is true. Most of the time we are making the drama just so we are participating into the society as we know it. Then we can ask, “why everybody is doing this..?” The answer is because it is designed that way. The system is designed knowing well psychologically that human is a participant of the society. The million dollar question is: Do you need to participate every time..? We as a species are mostly walking in the same place while it is utterly useless, but we can not shake off the chain because of the system that is forcing you to play the game of attrition.

Now, how do we know if we are playing the game of attrition against the society..? Simple. Do you need a validation from the society..? Are you the asker or are you the one who is being asked..?

At a glance, need-to-know basis may sound the same to ignorance. It has slight difference in definition, but practically, it is very different form. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge where you are that uninformed and made a regretful decision after, because you did not ask. Why you didn’t? You stone your heart because you can’t risk your belief.

Need-to-know basis is fueled by curiosity, you will ask when you need more information for you to complete the task/project/goals. This constantly breaks the limiting belief we have in our hearts and it is more than a literacy of observation. Need-to-know basis gives you valuable insights to divergence. The possibilities of how things can be with just a piece of important information.

At the beginning of Praxis Society, I promised you that the society is simple and life is easy. One of the pinpoint of result of Praxis is Automating boring PR tasks. Now you know the clockwork.

2nd Passive Action (Information diet)

“Be serious when everyone is not, don’t be serious when everyone is.”

Diet. A word that is really popular in our culture and often spun to show the society that we are participating in the trend. These days it is only used to narrowly describe our chemical source of energy, particularly the food we eat. Originally, Diet as a noun has the meaning of ‘way of life’ (Greek, diaita, early 13c.) and undergone progressive meaning into what is known now in the pop culture ‘food we habitually eat’. In lack of better terms, the second passive action need to be described as Information Diet.

Information diet translates into the information we partly taken from the collective information-base according to degree of importance. This is the proactive behavior.

Practical example. Look at our newspaper, do we read them all..? We only read the ones that intrigue us, this is also how psychologically flawed our mind is. Then, let us look at our social media feed (eg. Facebook), it runs an algorithm that gives degree of importance to videos, pictures -rather than plain text publishing- then filter it out by  how frequent you ‘like’ the page/profile posting it.

It is always give and take in between. Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook) once said: “A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.”

Facebook Mission
Apparently it is quite different compared to when we see this. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013.)

Is it contradictory..? At a glance it may seem so, but it is not. It is not contradictory because the decision is on you as the observer/participant. How open and how connected you want to be, and… to what.. You decide.

A small ‘like‘ in your news feed accumulated in long the time, will give you the height of access you need, or the sinkhole you put yourself into… factoring in the network you get and the knowledge-base you read in day to day basis.. It is amazing to see how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer (and the stupid.. well stupid-er) in real time. We live at interesting times. Don’t get left behind. Have a proper information diet is the clockwork.

1 Active Response (Aggressive not Reckless)

“I am Nobody’s Fool”

From the two passive action, it seems we are ready to act based on gathered information. Take a look,

  1. You have the freedom/autonomy to act, but should you..?
  2. Having information is very nice; you can understand people’ background, understand people’ mind, and also being very excited to show other people that “I can”.

The problem: You wouldn’t notice if you are the victim of manipulation, or being source of information, or being bullied by doing the things only you can do.

This is easily happen for the self-proclaimed ‘nerds/experts’ and ‘straight-A students’. We all have that kind of person in our lives, heck, maybe we are one of them. The system is designed to keep the balance for the activity to keep going. It’s designed for perpetual “purpose-driven” society. Somehow, you are validated well and affirmed well into the system when you are deemed normal. Normal, as in having mortgage, married, in excessive credits in exchange for the consumerism goods.. to keep the economy going. Lest we forgot, that the economy itself is a field of possibilities where opportunities intertwined and changes occurs in dynamic structure. Luckily this is dealt with our first assumption, by being an active observer. The moment you are “validated” is the moment you need to “step back” and re calibrate your purpose.

The Principe is to always play the game, not the activity.

Don’t do this wrong or else you won’t be able to travel any distance.

  • Either make it a Crisis.. by making a crisis you reduce the time for the society to decide the parameter of “validation”. You manage the risk and you take the initiative, tipping the balance and pushing the performance of all variables in process. The aftermath of crisis forces the stakeholders to keep their responsibilities (in the system) while giving the active observer a leverage. People become their real self when they are in crisis. This leverage “information” then refined as a feedback into the 1st and 2nd Passive Action. IMPORTANT: This practical wisdom is so risky I don’t recommend to use this in high-profile business as time may not be enough depending on the measure of the goal. However this works really well if it is used as a shock therapy for those you think need this. Other than that, we can take a look at the next practical wisdom.
  • Or make it an Engagement.. Engagement circles in the pledge or “moral” jury of a person/team, carried upon the limit as a living being (not a tool and resources). This itself will need a separate article at least to describe. It is a letting go of fear-based achievement and coming back to the essence of momentum. The aim of this is the relaxed consciousness; the bond some of us called ‘trust’, but really it is not. Excellence compounded with correct behavior towards The Agreement will strip the concept of “respect” and “trust” between the participant of the system and the active observer. It is harder to do but it works much better. I call it The Law of Attention.

Law of Attention is an aggressive approach towards things. The clockwork is the harmony of information such as people’ knowledge-base, people’ psychology and people’ behavior. What will you do when information literally comes to you and you have the ability to act…? You judge more. These days judging has become an almost taboo to be discussed. But really judgement can be negative judgement and it can also be positive judgement. This is for another time.

“Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.” – Anton Chekhov, fiction writer

As such, let me close this article by visiting an experience. When people said “don’t forget, you are also a part of society”.. I think that phrase is meaningless as it demonstrates a negligence of being astute. How far you will spin the reality (the relation between you and The Agreement dictated by the society) to suit into a case of participation can’t be determined by a participant. It’s like flipping a coin. It always works not because it gives you an answer, it’s just that when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for.. and if you are the coin.. how can you flip yourself and determine head/tail..?

As an author, I urge for less rules and more wisdom. But I also understand the conscience of not being able to abide into the world without rules. After all, we all educated that way (law abiding citizen). Wisdom comes from the ability to experience, the sense of purpose, the empathy carried in each decision & judgement we made. Each decision we made are not a transaction that is taxed upon the system but more than that, to negotiate challenges and remain true to ourselves. When all is done, are we regretting it, or can we say that we are fulfilled as in there an extreme joyfulness in our hearts, and the happiness in our surroundings..?

Whatever I wrote above works for me, I wonder if it works for you…?

But please hold your horses, it’s not complete yet without The Law of Attention. [It’s out now, check The Law of Attention by clicking here!]

That said, happy Praxis !!

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