Rethinking ‘Snowball Effect’

Law of Attention is a model depicting Momentum. In Physics we understand that Momentum is the product of mass and velocity, or force and time implied. In practice, what effort you have been doing will gradually increase your speed until you don’t need to keep maintaining the same effort of what you did. That is, seize the moment your style.

Imagine you are a snowboarder. Did you walk up your way uphill, or did you take the lift..?

What I am saying is the exact reason why 99.96% of people failed on their first try. We are constantly being fed the perspective of “hard work” which is “supposed to be”. In practice, this “hard work” comes as seniority, certificates, authority, and strata -which is just a veil built to measure conditioned fitness– and of course, experience (that was sarcasm). In life, we are deemed to tackle bigger things than we hopefully can. This is wrongly modeled as the “snowball effect”.

These conditioned ‘fitness’ are not needed in the first place. The system conditioned us as a species to be against the system instead of making friends with it.


In snowball effect model, we are attracted so we work our way up to hopefully what is the action threshold (but really nobody knows), after then it “expand beyond our control”. This is not suitable in the long run as the snowball will lose its compactivity and later collapse upon its instability. It collapses because of two things:

  1. We are educated to be incompetent outside of our specialization. Specialization is an old model where economy (therefore choices) are modeled upon the principle of scarcity… Needless to say, with incomprehensive education model it is almost impossible to tackle the things we are expected to do.

    The more abundant we are now, that exact same specialization become the debate of ethics & culture. 

    Ethics & culture here is about participation & choices. The system is a framework to operate on a limited resource -while it is actually not- and one of its way is by articulating the language of fear. Fear dictates what routine pathways to reach security in the society. One of the example is that we are studying for a particular degree because the “demand” on the other side, projected. This model is failing in exact recognition of misinterpreting talent to learning curve by administering achievement-based pride. As such there are those who just can not do the things they need to do, no matter how hard they try. But nothing is just takes incredibly longer time wasted. The point is: Don’t ‘learn’ things you are already good at. If you are good, you are not bound by authority, seniority, respect & trust -those are the bullsh*t- disguised as the “learning curve”. It just doesn’t make sense that there are things you are unable to try and do because you are deemed unqualified to try (again, due to ‘scarcity of chances’ and ‘learning curve’).

    After those experience you accumulate, you are unqualified. That means you don’t grow in your experience; do you really do work/study, or just stay for the sake of it..? That kind of questions hurt our soul every time we face it, it may also be a discrimination de jure. You decide.

  2. Seek your talent. I am so fed up with the fact that most people are just telling white lies because they don’t want to look bad. Rather than telling you to give up, people give hope while they can not grant it. The action threshold people tell you is not yours. You can however, make the action threshold yours; in fact if you are told the right action threshold.. but that, statistically speaking, rarely happens. Talent is what you think you are naturally good at. It is those part of you where you are so damn good at after understanding the effort you put into. Now, imagine if you keep putting the same effort, will it pass your own action threshold..? Yes, with a greater velocity as long as you keep putting it in because you understood the essential, heck, you may had even developed a system that works for you. The point is: Don’t blindly face your weakness, keep the tabs, improve around it. Work smart. Contact experts, ask their advice, learn what you didn’t know, validate what you know. Branch out.

The downside practice with snowball effect as we know is the momentum building. In Snowball Effect you need a ‘learning curve’ to build enough mass that keep expanding, eventually it run down hill beyond your control and collapsed due to resistance that acts like a “bump”. This collapsed state is the times when you suddenly feel you don’t know what to do next, or what is meaningful anymore. It is because you treat your achievement and what you did only as means to go over the “bump”. It lacks meaning and lacks the taste of victory.

The effort I am putting in is worth fully on improvement rather than ‘learning curve’… because I am working for myself, then for the human race, not for some half-assed pride & respect.

In practice, the bump can be anything. A pushed marriage, an education due to scholarship (because the pride, and the worry of your parents -not yours?-), your belief that dictates your life, your career just because you are keeping your friends… etc.. Well, what happened happened. What matters is now and forward. My reason in writing this is for us to understand that we can decide what we will be next. Smile! March forward !!! Utilizing your talent means you “skip” the learning curve needed while keeping the momentum you have, in order to gain greater velocity. The effort you are putting in is worth fully on improvement rather than learning curve. The resistance you face will always be there as you incorporates it into you travelling the distance and reducing the gap. [Closing the Gap: Be an Active Observer !]

Ends meet, it is concerning that most of us will have a lifetime figuring this out and circling in this deadly torrent. Time to get some traction, ditch the snowball effect, adopt the tractive effort !! 

Disclaimer: If, after reading this article somehow you feel in vain, anguish.. You are supposed to be, that means you regretted something. It is time to step up the game. You might want to counter the arguments above because you are welcomed to. Better, you can also contact me personally and we can discuss it further, maybe I wrote a bad article, maybe you didn’t understand it as I intended.. it happens so there would be a good action forward.

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