The Law of Attention

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This post is about the Law of Attention. It is a “law” I summarized without knowing that I have been practicing it for some time. I realized about this when I immigrate into Canada. I start from zero. It’s true that I am a Canadian PR holder as a family class, but honestly I just finished my school back in Indonesia and that means my 4 year Mechanical Engineering degree is not certified here. I have nothing, I know no one, I don’t have any contacts, big ZERO on job referrals. What’s amazing is in under 2 months I got 3 job offers and I worked my first paycheck on the the third month. People across the world tell me I am lucky, but after some while I recognize a pattern that helped me go through most of the struggle I’ve had. It’s not technical, it’s not wealth related, and for the biggest part, it’s not luck.

Aside from my parents whom prepared me for my English, I really never converse in English (well, except with the girls from Messengers) in everyday lives. It became apparent that despite I know the technical, it’s hard to actually practice it. The cool thing was, there is always a place where I can practice my English and also my knowledge. In public transit for example, people know right away that you are not local..and you start opening up by talking to strangers. Even then it’s not much information I could have, because strangers are just strangers, until they work together into a vision. So I joined community for new immigrants, most of them are seniors, I became a teacher translator from English to Mandarin, yeah right, and my Mandarin sucked bad. But I survive by gestures.

Then I applied for jobs, as a dishwasher, as a factory worker, and all the “easy job” according to me. I set up my LinkedIn profile. Bla,bla.. but it’s not those that I am proud of. It’s just in that short time everything fall into place. In fact I started to enjoy playing MMORPG for the 2 months, but I’m badly disturbed by phone calls. What is this sorcery..?

I decided to share this very important causality relation FOR FREE because I believe the points in this Law of Attention will help all of us in our everyday’s life.

I know my ‘self’:

Coming from Engineering, I see and understand easily the tools and relations in a [new] society:

  • Sensible Security of Mind, Have Control !; I’ve lost my home back in Indonesia ’98 riot, but I survived. Once you’ve experienced that kind of event, there is very little things that potentially make you afraid.
  • The Roles in Our Lives; Apparently the society is divided, you need to be the bridge, doing so you know both side’s disparity and you can use it to your advantage (both good/bad ways).
  • How Money Works, it’s always money right, once you see how the flow-value behavior, everything is so clear.

I came into this realization because despite the ideals feed in the society and the reasoning I modeled and I tried, I found:

  1. Universe is not going to help you. In fact, the Universe will conspire to crush you or at least keeping you in the status quo. Contrary to Law of Attraction, attraction actually makes you blind of the distance you need to travel. [What you don’t know about Law of Attraction]
  2. Being happy is not about other people, it’s the inner peace and fulfillment. Usually the problem is in yourself, you are not secure, you don’t have autonomy, moreover you are blinded of liberty and thereby can’t evolve further. [S is for SecurityA is for Autonomy, L is for LibertyE is Evolution]
  3. Happiness is just momentous feeling. Pursuit of Happiness is not what we think it is, there is no tangible “happiness” rate we need to perform/pursue. Don’t ever chase for Happiness. [Never Chase: The Pursuit of Happiness]

Now, you might be arriving from entirely different page, but this Law of Attention can only be practiced when you seek Excellence, both good and bad. It’s the nature of attention, it can get you anywhere.. but remember this, everything that goes up must come down. The art is then to stay in the roller coaster that always goes up. Be it personality, character, material, life is but a cycle of meaning. What meaning will you give into the attention you practice..?

The Clockwork of Excellence discussed about the art to default principle of 2P1A – 2 Passive Action – 1 Active Response, if it is practiced well you will find that: 2 Passive Action -> emphasize the possibility to isolate oneself from noise and disturbances 1 Active Response -> making sure that we travel the optimal distance in the most effective way 2P1A is not complete without Law of Attention.

2P1A – 2 Passive Action – 1 Active Response

  • Need-to-know basis:“Expecting results & patiently waiting.”
  • Information diet: “Be serious when everyone is not, don’t be serious when everyone is.”
  • Aggressive, Not Reckless: “I am Nobody’s Fool”

This (2 Passive Action) however often created a barrier towards the society as you will get a boost of insight and people will often intimidated by your unfair advantages (1 Active Response) in various situations; that would make their confidence lower. If this condition persists more than a certain degree, The Society which lose their confidence may take the competitive approach. Worse, The Society will be consumed by inferiority complex which is totally unintended (except you decide to exploit the method) and they will try to denounce you.

Before going deeper, we need to understand first the significance of ethics and aesthetics. Ethics is a word that describe how human should act human. Don’t confuse ethics with morality. Morality is more into the conformance of the recognized code, doctrine, or system of rules of what is right or wrong and to behave accordingly. So, to put it bluntly, ethics is how you treat human. Moral is how you treat things done by human. Such is why I’ve said it is very important to know about this before you practice the 2P1A since the art is so potent and can be used in dangerous ways and unknowingly harm other people. Aesthetics describes beauty. Beauty is a combination of shapes, forms, color, temperature, humidity, etc -all pertaining the senses- of us being human. It relates closely to the feeling of awe and wonder. It’ll be hard if one has never understand awe and wonder, or they are told to feel awe and to feel wonder when encountered into something. Sad. 2P1A will not be beautiful if conducted in wrong way. Mischievous is the top limit of practicing 2P1A. Imagine a young playful kid being curious and proactive discovering the new world before him. Those of you who has children will know.

The practice of 2P1A leads into opportunities for the active observer to establish both Crisis and Engagement, which do you choose..? I won’t go into Crisis as it is not a frequent matter when you planned well. Also, I assume those who live their life in crisis will also have their own style of dealing with the world which is also interesting to discuss. But as current condition we have no way of sharing the Praxis from people described.


“The Society” is a collective relation between Social Structure, Social Institutions, and ‘The Agreement’ [The Society – Relation v Relationship]. The Agreement between social structures and social institutions is a relation of quality. The quality we are discussing is such as “respect” or “trust”. People often missed this and take it as a relationship because we as human tend to dramatize, also emphasize. Taken as a bond, there will be respect and trust but there won’t be relaxed consciousness. This is because we will constantly cold-hoping the relationship is as correct as perceived, while in reality it doesn’t matter into the traction and your objective as an active observer. Though in that matter, depending on the people, you’d want to have establish a romantic bond, then that’s different story.

Judgement Establishes Reference

What will you do when information literally comes to you and you have the ability to act…? You judge more. These days judging has become an almost taboo to be discussed. We often discounted the fact that judgement can be negative and it can also be positive. Judgement engages people, it may offend them but so what..? If they are offended then they will try to discuss about it, don’t waste time to those who don’t punch back. From this fact, we can see that Judgement establishes a reference. Used in the correct circumstances, it wouldn’t harm. In fact, compliment is a form of judgement. Though the need of judgement rarely happens because Need-to-know basis often automate that process.

The difference between our common-regular days judgement and the judgement that brought from the Law of Attention is huge, so huge, “respect” and “trust” is irrelevant into the building-blocks of it. It is the judgement that comes from the harmony of information such as people’ knowledge-base, people’ psychology and people’ behavior. Treating a person as a person means deliver more for those who have less, and deliver less to those who have more. It is hard to be practiced in our current system which hasn’t figured out how to distribute resources rather than using the method of how much ‘work’ one is contributing to the society. But it is possible.

Reference Measuring Quality

Practically due to 2P1A, Law of Attention consists of what needs to be done intuitively at the right moment. Keeping tabs of how things going and let it progresses. Always playing a game, not an activity. There is always an option to not participate which is different than non-conformance.

Let’s take for example religion. You are non-conforming to religion when you establish the reference that “Okay, religion is here, it is real and it is around me. It is in everything.” From this, you participate into the view of separation of church and states, oligopoly, or LGBT communities debate. Your stance can be various from half-agree, militant, or ignorant. You might declare things that against it. You are not participating when you established the reference to religion that “Okay, it is here, it is real, it is around, but it doesn’t matter.” From this, you really don’t regard it as a matter, as in, religion is non-applicable: it is not tied into things and so you creatively find the solution outside the debate of religion. You may declare things for the sake of it. It’s like saying “yes, yes yes” and let it pass. But be wary, most of the time The Society will drag you down to their circumstances.

Though we may think that the non-participant often left out, but it really is not. In reality, they come first- almost always if they are an open minded person. This practice eventually lead into the singularity from dualism (or more). We will not go deeper into this.

From this example of religion, we can see that these references decides participation. Participation if done correctly will shine upon the light guide we as a species desperately need. In this moment, the nerds are ushering the derivative; from information age into the internet of things. ‘Internet of Things’ has a deeper meaning than that of communication among devices, but more into the interference and overlap among events & importance. Participation becomes more important than the ability of being able to recognize noise to facts. The idea of information distribution through internet has reached the worse, rather than we as a collective becoming more logical, rational, and intelligent, we are becoming more filled with negative reactions (hate, bigotry, etc). It is coming back into us. We shot ourselves on the feet. Back to back, it is the same as before, the rich will get richer and the poor will stray in poverty. That is why not participating is now an option.

To be better or to stay the same, in quality terms, it all depends on reference/standard.

Law of Attention

  1. Person is only differed from the rate they observe.
  2. Live life in Gold & Silver. Like gold, it is inert, like silver, it is purifying.
  3. The faster the return, the more it is wanted.

The First Law

Person is only differed from the rate they observe.

The first law is about nodes of information. It is very important as information decides what decision we can make and why we will do it. Imagine you are watching a video, it looks smoothly moving. Technically though, it’s at least 24 frame per second. This explains the untapped information we as the observer often missed. Experience makes us more aware and attentive to the information availability, being selective and most of the time, keeping tabs. That’s how multi-role, multitasking, multi-worth people works. They are keeping tabs into what deemed important. What matters then is the focus and time allocated for the action that translates pass the action threshold of “What works”.

Looking at the big picture is a must, else you won’t know if you are travelling to the right destination, but the rate of insight in each discrete event observed is what determines the small decisions that matters. This practically means to tweak the smallest decision that matters the most. We have many models and tools to apply the first law, I discussed one of them here.

The Second Law

Live life in Gold & Silver. Like gold, it is inert, like silver, it is purifying.

The second law is about code of action. As been foretold: made friends with nature, keeping tabs for the balance. Know what your tools (usually money) are, don’t mistake them for their worth, when you reach certain point in your life, money is just number.

I came to this metaphor of life quite recently. What will catch your attention enough for you to make it more than enough..? What is your purpose of life..?

The Third Law

The faster the return, the more it is wanted.

What works will always better as it can return more. “More” without working-for-it felt such a cheap and garbage. Find the value of things around you. Like a grain of rice which built from nutrition of soil, worked by the farmers with help from the technology we as a species developed, created. How much rain it received..? What is its journey..?

Live life, remember to find yourself every now and then. We have all lost our way once or more; and for those who have not, you may know you haven’t climbed the fence. But don’t worry, it’s a lifestyle too. Walk up, look far front so you don’t fall down… It is time to acknowledge and pay attention, that life is not fair, it is full of shit and fun, but some of us, we look at the stars and feel.

We found ourselves.

The next discussion will be about singularity in dualism but as of now, the world’s wisdom doesn’t warrant further explanation. It’s just unfortunate that this Praxis may well be built upon an entirely different point of view, principles, and of course yield to different results.. and thereby it’s not the time to be shared yet. Oh! You might also want to check the 4 sure step to to get what you want, the key to everything is to get it on SALE.

Happy Praxis !! High 5!!

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