Enter the “Tractive Effort”

The education process we belong has prepared us to excel in a particular field and job description, so competent until we are incompetent outside of our major. The birth of more specific majors and more skill-specific diplomas means more of us are used to the advanced forms but most of the time we are missing the essential core of the technology or the knowledge itself. In time, our generation will be unable to recognize what is intrinsic and what is extrapolated. The real value is missing.

In our previous article we discussed about Snowball Effect, where we can see our education encourage the working experience to fill in what we didn’t get in our education practiceChoices, options, relevancyI’d like to use relevancy as the term to emphasize what we missed in our kids and our education concern. Remember that specialization is the product of scarcity-based society..? It used to be that way because we don’t have enough resources (material and productivity) to base our calculations into planning. These days productivity rises almost every year as the breakthrough of science, medical and technology exponentially tops our biological mortality rate. For example, this means even the disabled people can work if they are trained and given the chance. But that also means –how many of the disabled people will want to work?– there are new questions that are more relevant into it. This all actually has one culprit: how we measure what is relevant.

Mind again that this Praxis is not aimed for those who are in their 35’s or older but it might change how you view your children and too, how you listen to their voices. Kids these days are exposed to information much faster than their learning rate. Even when they learn much faster than when we are at their age, they have very limited choices if they are going to “survive” in the modern society. It can be said it is almost irrelevant that even you know so much and can access so much, you can only be less than what you want to be. Again, the limiter of the choices are as illustrated in the Snowball Effect: seniority, certificates, authority, and strata. Now, we can’t delete those limiters from the society the same way as we don’t want a sick person to be treated by unqualified medical practitioner.

This become interesting. We are looking at the case where:

  1. Case one – disabled person who don’t want to work but are actually able to be trained and contribute to society.
  2. Case two – children who are more capable than their parents (in specific situations) but not recognized and limited through their movement.
  3. Case three – people who want to be treated by qualified medical practitioners rather than not.

What is the connectivity among these three seemly different cases…?


Let’s take a look at case one. A disabled person don’t want to work but are actually able to be trained and contribute to the society. Why? It is because they don’t need to. They are given incentive to stay in wherever they are and not to make trouble by being disabled. They are excluded from the society because of their disability. This in turn make them has no need to contribute to the society. In this case, it is not relevant for a disabled person to want / not want to work anymore.

Next case, a kid/junior who is more capable than their parents/authority in specific situations but not recognized and limited through their choices. They have higher learning functions into whatever they want but the society need to keep running. The society is build upon scarcity principle –therefore, resources are scarce and by being specialized and working as a team we can have higher productivity. Parents projected the kid’s worth in this “scarce environment” –their trades(job) worth by looking at the required jobs reported by their government news. It’s nice when the kid follows, but there will be sudden bubble burst where everything is not meaningful. These are realized when there is a junior who is more competent than their seniors, and authority who is defied and sabotaged only because the junior is able to do it. It is their reason to prove they are there and different. The Autonomy. This kid/junior want to contribute (more, outside of the job) but specialization takes away what is relevant from the kid’s point of view. We should, before that happened, always ask: Why do you do things not for yourself…? Why you should “contribute” to the society if you don’t want to..? These employers could always look for different specialists, right..? But why did the employees worry about their relevance..? That if they are not as competent they might lose their job..?

Third case. People who are sick but want to be treated by qualified medical practitioners. When you go to a doctor, there are the GP (general practitioners) and the specialists. In this case specialization demonstrates expertise where needed and it is a good practice. These expertise though does not claim there will not be an off-sides such as malpractices. Turned out the most often malpractice is because the specialist is given incentive when they promote a certain drug/process from the big pharmaceutical company. From this then specialization is not only a bad environment it also does not solve the problem. But originally there should not be a problem when these people are living healthy..?

People are easily biased by what is relevant
People miss what is relevant

Relation with the -ism(s)

From these three case-studies, specialization seems weird and irrelevant to what we need in our everyday’s life. I think it is a fact. What matters is identified as what is relevant. Relevance is defined as “important to the matter at hand”. This is about the autonomy and the pride as a person. If you say that inherently people want to be their best version of themselves, I would say it is a lie. I agree that people are awesome. Not every one of them is the same, relevant for person A is not the same for person B –the uniqueness is what makes people awesome. People only want to transform themselves and be the best version of themselves when they have something relevant -a destination- to arrive to which is unique. As of now, more than 88% of the population do what they are doing only for the money. They slave into the specialization because they need the money (actually they need the access) into various forms of needs/luxury and while doing it they forget about the secondary currency (time). They don’t understand how money works missing the opportunity to leverage “now”… By leveraging the 2nd currency (time) we could review and return to what is relevant to us as a person, with pride.

Thing is, when we see a specialized job, in time the pride diminishes as they are getting more experienced.. so expert they will not venture out of that expertise. Because they can not as they lose their valuation outside the expertise. This is why socialism works and why it does not.


In socialism, it is about the society. To keep the harmony, this means the better will need to work harder for the loser. This balance will be nice when the better is in more abundant than it is scarce. Sadly with the missing of real value (refer to 1st paragraph) we are losing the touch and the happiness we had in living as a social animal and let the better be less than the loser.

In socialism, winning is never a good portion.


Specialization also skids in capitalism. Capitalism is about the capital. Whenever there is an added value, it is adding capital because it is worth higher (assumed). Specialization’s has its Achilles’s heel on this. The more specialized a person is, -according to capitalism- they should be worth higher. This in turn created the so-called “Top money pot will flow to the bottom, champagne stacked style”. This is why the 1% will always be the 1%.. why the professional caste will always be professional caste, and the slave caste will always be the slave caste. It is as simple as these specialized person invest in themselves and not the land they are working in. Like what we are doing.

In Capitalism, being the better is always a good option.


Communism is another breed, specialization is almost irrelevant but that’s why there is harmony (well, supposedly, LOL). China was a good example where every person has this honor to keep their level compared to other in their community. To be useful and to keep their integrity. This sadly translated into higher working performance yet rewarded less as they are in the same pot with the competition. This also makes communism prone to “hype” and other “-isms” in terms of value, we can even say communism can not thrive in this era where we are used to quantify the flow of value as money.

In Communism, being a winner or worse does not make a difference at first but it will be hard for your soul fulfillment in life. The idea of regret will curse.

Tractive Reasons

The solution from this recurring problem is Tractive Effort mindset. Tractive effort is a term used by locomotive engineers. The concept is the supply of power into constant traction for an amount of time as we gain speed. This speed, with the mass we have will build momentum and once this momentum overcome the threshold, the supply of power is decreased into nominal constant just enough in keeping the speed(therefore, momentum). I found this concept to be highly effective and decided to make this one of my praxis manifesto.

Let me do a translation:

“..supply of power into constant traction for an amount of time as we gain speed”. This means the effort we make is to overcome the compound resistance and gain momentum. These compound resistance is not mere seniority, certificates, strata.. but more into the real value of the knowledge –What is relevant, what are the relation (because relationship is a fraud)– among definitions. This comes in the practice of minimizing risk first before maximizing gain. Build a system, learn what you need to learn, not what people/others want you to learn. Then get a lift, start from what you are good at. There is no reason to walk up the snow uphill to rock that snowboard hard. [Law of Attention].

“..the supply of power is decreased into nominal constant just enough”. Once your system runs, you can opt for improving or just basically doing a maintenance. This is why it is highly effective once this is practiced. This comes as constantly tracking what is happening around you and be conscious about ourselves.

Tractive effort mindset will most often develop a generalists point of view with high conceptual understanding than the specialized views. Both of these views can be coupled and used in various situations in both scarcity and abundant environment. It is one of the most overlooked conditions in our modern society as it lets you to branch out and increase the playing field and finally, realizing that closing the gap that has never been this easy. You close the gap by being specialized in what is relevant for you and that is what Praxis Society is about. You are the expert in your life.

In practicing tractive effort mindset though, we might miss where our destination as we are branching out too much. This is a common problem for people who gets easily bored, in some cases this mindset might left you in so much things without proper focus. This is a more common problem for people who never branch out, see The Law of Attraction. That is why it is critical to define your goal and the fun you want to have and tackle the triangle of life as early as possible.

Trigonometry of LifeThis triangle(of life) is defined as the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles (in life). I would put this triangle as the angles between Dream Job, Happiness, and Currency. Now this is from one of my educators back in the university, he said, “we can only have two out of the three(s), you will be a very lucky person when you can get all three.” Well, I want to prove that he is not entirely right. This is because we understood one of the angle of the triangle wrong in the first place and I will discuss this in my next article.

See, math works !!

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