Never Chase: The Pursuit of Happiness

Love is blind. That is one of the claim we found in living this life, it has meaning. If so, what is love of life..?

So far this question will sway most of us down to our core because it is not natural for us to think about this at all. For most of us this line of thought is a new frontier that was discovered just after we have time to be bored of things. We as a species found that being idle is nice and start forgetting the fundamental things that lead us into this state. Now, with the advance of science, technology, medicine and political system, we created this ‘heaven’ on earth. We now have access to the culture that being poor makes you fat. This means this heaven doesn’t work well for our body. A body will bode well into its surroundings when each senses support its organs to work as they should be. Each organs are connected by exchanging information and carry on their duties accordingly. This is then translates into our ego called ‘me’ as a collective conscience. This ego’s relation to the society is well described as the triangle of life. In my last article I’ve wrote:

This triangle(of life) is defined as the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles (in life). I would put this triangle as the angles between Dream Job, Happiness, and Currency. Now this is from one of my educators back in the university, he said, “we can only have two out of the three(s), you will be a very lucky person when you can get all three.” Well, I want to prove that he is not entirely right. This is because we understood one of the angle of the triangle wrong in the first place and I will discuss this in my next article.

One that we understood wrong is about Happiness. Our parenting and education system never explain what is happiness in detail because it is irrelevant to the functional of a body (you) in this society based on the scarcity principle. Economy, business, even now engineering is well corrupted by the broken education system and the bad practice of governmental system. How crazy is that..? The happiness and well-being of a person is regarded as irrelevant. This craziness prompted what my educator said few years back. He said that in the society as of now, we can only choose two out of three aspects in this triangle of life.

Triangle of Life
Triangle of Life
  1. Dream Job – pretty straightforward, a job that makes you contribute well due to your education and what you want to do since you were younger.
  2. Currency – measure of flow-value. Commonly known as money, it decides most of the physical access we can get in this society born from the principle of scarcity.
  3. Happiness – a measure of how well you are satisfied with your life (at that time).

So I really think because we misunderstood happiness then we can’t have the three of them at the same time. Happiness is made so irrelevant that it makes people search for it in physical access (consumerism, and therefore currency) and their dream job (status), a death spiral for a well educated people. Sad. Happiness is a measure of how well you are satisfied with your life. Decades of research by people extract the core of happiness which is down to few points:

  1. Law of Expansion (more on this: 7 Habits by Stephen Covey, Praxis: A is for Autonomy)
  2. Law of Universal Support
  3. Law of Attraction (and what you didn’t know about it)

It has 21 core habits to practice, ranging all sort of things from spiritual, conscience, physical behavior and mental preparedness. You can take a peek on the book “Be Happy for No Reason”. A good read for those who are not well versed with “this things”. One very good passage in the book is the quote about Pursuit of Happiness. Apparently the founding fathers of America did outlay the relevance of happiness in the Declaration of Independence.

…certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The writer added that back in Thomas Jefferson’s time (when the Declaration of Independence is written), the word “pursuit” doesn’t mean “to chase after” but instead “practicing an activity”. So from this passage, we can conclude that at that time, people understand what “Happiness” is. Why don’t we now..?

Here, take a look[pdf]: Happy for No Reason – Marci Shimoff. Hopefully this can help you to figure out how to be happy.

Never chase for happiness. Happiness is a state of being, instead of “I would be happy if..”, it is just “I am”.

Even then I believe it is not nearly enough and that is why I developed a system to cover what the three before did not: Automation. I myself can’t believe I developed this before knowing the “3 laws” to be happy. Or maybe I am that Happy man of Freedom, lol, at times you’re amazed with yourself. Pfft.

The Law of Attention

Law of Attention forces your surrounding to apply the three basic “laws” of happiness and affluence the society to be independent of you, without you need to do things as the traction has delivered its momentum. Now, you can practice three out of three aspects in the triangle of life. Aandd, if the train has left the station, this means you get more time to…well.. anything! After all, a life without examination is a life not worthy of living.

What to Do: Pick up your Happiness M&Ms !! (Thus the Big Picture)

Things to think about: Your cells doesn’t care and your heart keeps pumping (and the world runs without you!!)… There is no reason to not be happy!


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Happy Praxis !!

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