Law of Attention – Finale – The Art of Manifestation

Our latest discussion emphasized that as an active observer it is important to have code of action. Yet even when we have a code of action, it can be obsolete in time. What can we do then..?
One way is to ditch the code of action concept entirely, the other is to create a new code of action accordingly. If you think ditching the code of action is your preferred way, then by all means stop reading as this article won’t be useful for you. If you are going to make your own code of action*** so you can stick to the Law of Attention, hopefully this article is a good read.

Why ‘Manifestation’

The Missing Link

So far we have seen how The first Law of Attention makes us a better active observer by filtering the problem, The Second Law of Attention forces us to have a better quality of action, then it is only natural that our filtered action deliver the value needed. This delivered value is what we aim to reach ultimately from the third Law of Attention —

“The faster the return, the more it is wanted.”

The most common problem in practicing The Law of Attention is: The unstable success rate in delivering the value. Between identifying the problem and doing the action, the missing link is that there is no measure of success as each action is constrained by code of action yet at the same time unlimited by the possibility of problems. One may be successful today but unsuccessful the next day while dealing with the same problem.

Before we go deeper, there is funny thing in this society I’d like to point out. These days, value itself seems vague. Example: when a gas station is on fire, which category of action below has the most valuable action..?
1. The Fire Starter – possible causes
2. Damage and Losses – degree of victimization
3. First Responder – obligatory action
4. Insurance Action – mitigating aspect (impact to social, usually financially)
5. Measuring of Fault – judgement and corrective action

From above case study, the least value of action is the first responder because it is their obligation to put the fire out. The value of their action was reduced so much because they are the professionals. They are paid to put the fire out, so they damn well need to do their job. End of the line. This is why a doctor will be prosecuted when the patient doesn’t make it –> The liability as a doctor. This is also why we have laws and auditors. This big picture is also why some of the job we have in this society is plain irrelevant to the problem we face as society.. well as a humanity if you would.

If you aren’t sure, I urge you to take a look around and realize that this is the society we are living now. The guy who just do their job (which is usually the model citizen) is a tool, a model for the wider society to predict what comes next. Your valuable skill-set as educated human is reduced into a variable… most of the time this also means it is a good train to get up the financial ladder; Be the professional and get the job done. Yet, most of the time professionals are dealing with the Irrelevancy that make this de-valuation of action spread like cancer. We use you as a tool to do the useless job which shouldn’t be there in the first place.
The cancer goes like this: When you see a problem and you fix it, the next day your boss will create a position for you, and your job description : fixing it. Realize that this position shouldn’t be there in the first place, but to cover your boss’s failure demeanor he/she put you in that shadow position.

Now… this devaluation of an action is one of the times where an active observer shines. Have I ever opened that being a professional is one the best course of action to be an active observer..?
They are the best because they have the opposite pole of liability, which is the control in a finite system. That means you have your jurisdiction, and that is your playground. You have more control compared to liability in that jurisdiction. This is also why departments don’t communicate and people work in silo-type contigent.

Let us revisit the case where your boss created a position to fix their blunder. Right now, you have control over the situation because you know how to fix it. Then..after you took that position, you are in the liable position and the boss have the right to kick you out if something need to happen (protect their position?). We can see why this (solution – by opening new position) is for sure not the ideal solution to a long-term problem of devaluation of action.

Remember that both control and liability is the first hurdle we need to overcome to evolution..? This devaluation of action plays within the framework of control/liability, so real it is then become a routine. This is one of the problem that makes us as a society keeps walking on the same spot. One solution is then to reduce the cycle in each action… then naturally we want each action to be a successful action. This means we want a habit of flawless execution. Now, we finally can talk about manifestation.
Executing an action is not a simple task. Most of us fail in doing it. It doesn’t matter if we have another chance in execution because most of the time we don’t. So what we really want is a clean-perfect execution.

…….Enter the Art of Manifestation.

A Comparative

Manifestation is the sound of a manifesto. Manifesto comes from Latin manifestum means ‘clear’. A manifesto consist of an imperative, charm-like declaration that manage your conscious decision making process. Many people think a Manifesto is a bucket list… It is not, here are two reasons why:

  1. Bucket list consists of basket-like conception where you put everything and decide to go for it; there is no fluidity, also it is not a sequence.
  2. Manifesto comes in the clear form of attitude-action for a topic; fluid, dynamic, with clear defined intermission along the way.

As manifesto constantly guides you along the small steps of achievement on each topic, you will gather the small confidence(s) to tackle the bigger picture. In result, the growth is much more into the exponential side compared to linear.

We are only interested in 100% success rate

It is possible to have a 100% success rate. As the traction system drags on, it will get easy and easier. It’s akin to having a playbook, step-by-step action which next step only can be seen after you took the next step. Imagine a detective analyzing her subjects, that’s the kind of calm and composure we need to have in our lives.

The Manifestation Principles

Without further ado, here are the principles/concept we need to know before having the calm composure in making the right decision.

Clockwork of Excellence
Traction not attraction
-Society positioning***

Trust me, a 100% success rate is not impossible.

The Manifesto

So what really is a manifesto..?
Ultimately a manifesto can be anything. A book, a person, a phrase, etc. The most important point of a manifesto is how attached you are into it, how often you refer back into it, and how it affects your life along your good and bad days as the one proven principle for you. Of course, there is no statistic to back this up except from ourselves, but we all know that people who take it small step at a time will become their bigger self with each step.

Naturally, a manifesto will need a topic to the challenges it deals with, a hard-wall principle to its challenges, and affirmed with audacity so strong that every iteration synchronizes with your core values each time you encounter the topic.

Here is an example I am sure we all know;

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Let’s break down this Manifesto…

  • Topic: Evil, helplessness
  • Principle: No fear
  • Audacity: You are with me…they comfort me.

This simple sentence prove to be a good pivot for many religious people. While I regard religion as a N/A (non-applicable) in my life, I’d say that sentence rhymes deep into the topic of helplessness. ***See, is manifesto a code-of-action…? It may and it may not. It really is depending on you. The art of manifestation is to have manifesto and grow it along the way as your execution gets better and better.

Final words, let me share a sample of my Manifesto on Finance

Is making a right decision without compromising control. In times I see a regression, I will calmly analyse my situation and face the consequences.
Like death, we can’t afford to avoid currency even though it is mostly the root of all wrongdoings in this civilization. What matters then is the value of the currency…..currency means a flow-value. A potential will just be a load if it is not flowing. Make the right decision and keeps things going.

Finally, thank you so much for reading. I hope this little tactics will get you a long way, I know it does for me. As always, life is easy, if it is not, you are doing it wrong. People are awesome!! Stay awesome and happy Praxis !!

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