Unique Tradition of Love & Sex from Around the World

December ‘till February is my favourite period because who doesn’t love 3 months festive-kind-of feeling? Starting from Christmas followed by new year, Chinese New Year and Valentine, the lights are on, all store cutting prices, beautiful decoration and smiling people are everywhere. Just like an editor of mine where I used to work with told me that dessert is a must after a meal to signify ending things sweetly, Valentine’s Day going to wrap up the season in a sweet note.

Celebrated every 14th of February, it’s the day to commemorate the undying love of St.Valentine to his lover that cost his life. Now Valentine is a special day to spend with your lover and spouse, confessing your love, proposing to your girlfriend or even an excuse for shy women to be naughty behind that closed doors. For men, they would make Valentine’s Day the most romantic, sensual night for their lover while women put extra effort to look amazing and wear their sexiest lingerie. In short, Valentine’s Day makes the temperature rising so be prepared to feel turned on all day long! Talking about love and sex, here are some unique traditions of love and sex from around the world which are wilder than your imagination:

Singapore & Cali (Colombia) – Audience on Your Wedding Night

No Way

If accidentally sending nude photos to your parents or caught up sexting in the office are nightmares, wait until you have the whole family watching you banging your SO on your wedding night. In 2016, Singapore’s social media was captivated by a photo posted by a member of Singaporean family living in Woodlands New Town. The photo shows a young couple, completely naked in the middle of intercourse with their family members as audience. Two women appeared sitting on the bedside as if they’re guiding the man. That special moment was captured by the man’s uncle who revealed it was a family tradition and that they were proud to celebrate man in their family having sex for the first time. According to Dailystar.co.uk, the news is a hoax and apparently the photo is a meme that was circulating in China since 2013. However, it’s surely not a hoax in Cali, Colombia where mothers of the brides have to witness their daughters making love on their wedding night!

North Kalimantan (Indonesia) – Do Not Go to the Toilet for 3 Days in a Row


To go to the toilet is a nature’s call, even doctors are advising people to defecate everyday. Sadly, that’s not the case if you’re coming from Tidung tribe or going to marry one. There’s a tradition for Tidung tribe in North Kalimantan, Indonesia that forbids newlywed to go to the toilet for 3 days in a row. Right after the wedding ceremony, they have to bear with it until the next 3 days. Tidung tribe believes this will make the marriage lasts forever and the newlywed will get lots of children. Hmm, perhaps they think if the couple could go through it, they could go through any obstacle that comes in the future…

Lebanon – Lebanese Men are Allowed to Have Sex with Female Animal

Monkeys Laughing

Having sex with animal is seen as desperate and disgusting for most people. It’s an unspoken rule but Lebanon seems to be lenient to their men. With Muslim being the dominant religion, Lebanese men are not allowed to either kiss and hug their girlfriend/wife in public or have sex before marriage. So, what do they do when they feel so turned on? Other than commando, they have option to bang (unfortunate) animal as long as it’s a female. That’s real animal for them in bed!

Washington, D.C. – Anything Other Than Missionary is Illegal


Sex is the time when people can suddenly be a yoga expert and porn director, twisting here and there, guiding their partners so they can have a Big O. Most of couples are trying to be creative, expressive and adventurous with their sex lives to spice things up, but remember to stick only with one position when traveling to Washington, D.C.: missionary. Yes, you read that right. There isn’t any explanation why it’s illegal, moreover, how do they know if people are doing it in different way? Whatever the reason is, it’s better to be submissive and let your man take the lead until you’re back at home rather than spending some nights in jail.

Marquesas Islands (Tahiti) – Stepping the Back of Family, Friends & Guests

sexy back

Marquesas Islands, Tahiti has a tradition where the newlywed have to step the back of their family, friends and guests as a sign to start a new chapter of life. Right after the wedding ceremony ends, family, friends and guests will prone on the floor, forming a human carpet that leads to the exit. The newlywed then will step on them while saying “Thank you and goodbye”. Now, is there anyone you dislike attends your wedding day?

Mauritania (Africa) – Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter

Blessed are men who are gifted with big package, but for those who don’t it’s all about practice and locating the G-spot. Women in Mauritania aren’t as lucky as Mauritanian men because they will be judged by their appearance. In Mauritania, the more weight you have, the more beautiful and attractive you are. Mauritanian men see all the flaws that women these days complained as attractive traits, like cellulites, belly fat, flabby arms etc. Sounds good? Not for Mauritanian women, as they are forced to eat a lot since they’re at very young age. It’s not pizza, ice cream or yummy food but the typical food they’re forced to eat is couscous which is layered in animal fat and weight gain supplement meant for animal. If they disobey their parents, they’ll be physically harmed. It reminds me of the process of making foie gras, but this one is human (sick).

Michigan (U.S.) – Having Sex in a Moving Vehicle is Prohibited

Having sex in the car

If you ever read “Jakarta Undercover” by our local writer, Moammar Emka, you’ll know that behind the glamorous city lights lies wild sex life and prostitution. Emka, who interviewed and came to the scene himself (not performing, by the way) in order to get real life picture of Jakarta’s nasty side for his book, also writes about a prostitution scheme where client will have sex in a backseat of a moving car. How do they dodge it from public & cops on the street? Apparently, the car has super dark window films attached and partition for privacy. Since the car is moving, nobody will notice that there’s an acrobat going on inside the car. For a long time, having sex in the car is one of couple’s favourite spot but Michigan has make it illegal, even if you have a driver. Wait, they never say you can’t do it if the car is parked, right? Driver roll up the partition please!

Japan – Divorce Party

Divorce Party

There’s a new, hot tradition in Japan for couple who wants to end their marriage. Rather than ending it in bitter way, they prefer to throw a divorce party where the then-couple will feast together with the guests, smash the wedding ring with hammer (or sell it) and throw plates of whipped cream to the one who initiates the divorce. The man behind this idea is Mr.Terai, an ex-corporate office worker who decided to help unhappily married couple with a divorce ritual that helps each party moves on with positive feelings and fresh new start. A data shows that one in three marriages in Japan ends in divorce. Divorce ceremonies, despite having no legal value, is like a formal separation announcement to family and friends. The ceremony begins with Terai explaining the reason of the separation, followed by smashing the wedding ring with a hammer decorated with a frog (frog symbolizes change). Coming up is video of the wedding day, few speeches and bouquet is thrown where whoever catches it will be the first to divorce. After the meal, the person who initiates the divorce will be punished by other party. He/she needs to stay exactly ten minutes long while their then-spouse throwing whipped cream at them. Seems better than weeping and locking yourself in the house for days, don’t you think?

There are still many unique traditions of love and sex around the world, why don’t you discover them together with your sweetheart? I hope you had a lovely and sizzling Valentine’s Day xoxo

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