Jack of All Trades; an Active Observer’s Guide to Literacy

In the working society, it is commonly assumed that when one finished a degree then one will get a job to contribute to society. Most times new trainee will try to grasp their working culture and also in turn generate income to support oneself and later one’s family. This current assumption is not wrong, but it is not right either. As an active observer I am so discouraged by the mindset in the society nowadays, so much they don’t understand how to live life.

An active observer has prominent skillset that allows them to enter and exit into a system to instill a change while at the same time keeping their community stable. We want it stable since stability provides the best balance between our obligation to society to our emotional satisfaction. A good leader is not always an active observer, a manager is not always a leader, at the same time an active observer may or may not be both of them.

An active observer can be in any field with skillset relating to the community they are in. The art of being an active observer is to always be the right person at the right time. Being the right person at the right time means you have the right information at the right opportunity. We have discussed how to make both right information and right opportunity come to our doorstep in Clockwork of Excellence, but what many of us are missing is often how to catch the train.

In this particular matter I am quite inspired with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s quote: “Science literacy is an important part of what it is to be an informed citizen of society.”

Neil Quote

What he said rings true to me not as an academic or scientific individual in their field but more on what is the relation between literacy to an informed subject of society. In this scope let me paraphrase the quote to further illustrate the relation;

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Are you A Literate Person?

What is the definition of literacy..?
It is the ability to read and write (and speak) in particular subject The ability to understand a particular field.

It is clear that each subject has finite literacy of their field and how information flow dictate what people do. For example, one person who is associated with lawyer’s club has the same literacy as other lawyers (in their field). This is why specialization constraint’s one ability to be an active observer and what framework one is doing. Our current society counter this issue by holding opportunities and blocking information, in short, by building associations of groups and selling license to practice. At some point, with the growth of internet and deteriorating reward/risk into a specialization, it just doesn’t make sense eventually since it is governed by fear-based achievement. It might be a sustainable model in other universe, but not this one since the relation to flow-value (currency/money) is damned unhealthy -unless something statistically significant happened eg. World War III, Meteor hit Earth, etc.

Going deeper into how information flow dictate what people do brings us into the discussion of conscience itself -what our nature is and how our decision making process is affected by triggers – which I will not discuss here since we will get there eventually.

The Jack-of-All Trades

In our education system we are used to knowledge that come first, things like why it come and what it is used for is pretty much secondary. This then makes us a very good cog in the wheel who do good in society. For me, as myself and as an active observer, it is damn boring. It is boring because people are very easy to attract by what they perceive as their identity. It is commonly seen that an identity defines a purpose of a person in their everyday lives -their default state- and then they become suited into the freedom they are given. In short, they are prone to self-pity and negativity since they are that confined in their box of identity. The worse thing that nailed the coffin for most people are they risk their concept of self by associating outside of what their are conformed with. The red line is jurisdiction. Jurisdiction assumes one is entitled to one or more subject since one is more knowledgeable (or paid more/whatever the system is). Jurisdiction may comes as authority, parent, or any status that rings with one’s identity… and identity is limited by their freedom to act.

The mindset that need to be shifted is about the courage to exercise one’s autonomy. This is missing since this society is framed in its freedom to act and conditioned to do just that.. so sad until there is a quote that says “Work with our passion is a bless. Money just a bonus” from one of my lecturers back in university. Despite all the negativity -which are facts- I choose to streamline the way we are to be literate on a subject. That is, to be the right person at the right time.

To be literate is as easy as to be LITERATE, as below, as step-by-step. That means one is not allowed to get to the next step without confirming the basis of the previous step.

The Jack-of-All Trades Expanded


Associate with the right person.

In my practice of dealing with jobs, any jobs can be done with any people with proper SOP and training. Even being a consultant or psychologist..or doctor. So yeah, it doesn’t matter after all as long as you know the right person.

Ask yourself, where is my access..?
If you want a girlfriend, get out and meet them, in cafe, in a bar, in church, etc… The key is place, not person.

Learn more about access here.


Are you in The Flow?

How you get your information determines how much time you spend on it, and how fast you can get to action. For most people it is the hardest thing to do, but you can automate this (and your PR tasks) with 2P1A in Clockwork of Excellence.
Further practice will force you to practice the first Law of Attention – Person is only differed from the rate they observe.


With obtained information, how reliable is your information to be able to be used as a reference..?
Is it the most important information to be acted upon..?

Remember there are two kind of risk, risk of action and risk of opportunities.


Okay, so we decided to act upon our information.

Now, what is your relation to it..?
How much is your influence..?
How reliable is your skillset..?
Why do you want to relate into it..?


Can what I do be copied..?
Am I okay if it is copied..?
Wait, why don’t I delegate what I do to people (so I can have more time to learn)..?
Leverage comes in two types; constructive and destructive.

Pick your poison, there’s always the fun in both sides.


So they are doing what I do, what is their result..? Is it acceptable..?
How often they yield the same result..?
If not, why?

This lays fully on niche and uniqueness of a person. I love this step since it just pure facts. When I challenge a person, one can be a sore loser or one will show you how great a potential that is exercised. More about this in:
1. Diary of a Loser
2. The Art of Manifestation


The importance of being outside the box.

Intrigue a person in the box by inquiring about why they do it that way. You’d be amazed that people are most open when you are outside the box since you are no threat to them in their identity.

Learn, learn, learn, then crack the box open.


Educate yourself just enough to be able to relate with them, fix the problem, then go.
There are much more things to be discovered outside.

There my friend, a guide to be literate as to why an active observer can get in and get out with a simple practice of exercising your autonomy over self.

Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades

To be humble so we can see, to be brave so we learn, to be wise so we discover, to be able so we can love. That is, life is never ending.
People are awesome !!

Wishing you a good luck,

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