2029. Predictions, Dilemmas, Fun. MY MOST IMPORTANT note yet. “Is it the World we Wanted?”

So here I am. 10 years later, doing what I did a decade ago.
This time I decided to publish it, that means I am confident enough that my logical framework is rational enough to be able to convince you-the readers, without further persuasive means and/or manipulation I’m so good at.
Especially because I’m not meeting you in person, the noise and gain from my manipulative properties (ahem, my charm) will be less to you, and you’ll have more time to think and create the world I’m about to tell you and see if it is plausible or not.
It’s also why I’m doing what I do as of now, distancing a bit from the society in general, simply to keep my conscience clear and not becoming an ever awesome ‘bad’ guy.
Read: The Fun of Dark Triad.Of course, my confidence doesn’t come from my bragging rights but more from my opportunities living in many parts of the world, often as an active observer, and very much happy to participate locally while keeping a stable reference of “citizen of the world” ideal.Before we go on, it’s all up to you if you want to read the passage below since I believe even today majority of us are having existential crisis already. It’s not cool if you read something and it became a lot of thought issues and effect your enjoyment of your day-to-day fun as a human being.
When you have it too much, just stop, then came back again later, or not. Up to you. I mean it. Don’t torture yourself.
Things like these below need excessive vision and enough understanding of the world today to create the world as it is… and me being a not good story teller probably doesn’t help as much.Ready..? Here we go.
As we know it today, the world has been reforming itself.
From centralized command and control to decentralized volunteerism and liability.
The Middle Path:
Transparency & honesty today is your one-stop currency to gain both access and value.In general, the world is moving progressively towards high IQ labour and automating average IQ labour.
  • High IQ labour means high access + widely available skills. Skills such as coding, freelancing, designing, and those that uses computer but without computing power. I will discuss more of this in depth in the next section (*The Future of Computing).
  • Average IQ labour means lower access + skill-less jobs. And I do mean skill-less jobs. Simply because it’ll be overtaken by our frontier explorer that doesn’t know “tired” and have absolute fortitude. Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Heuristics.
Soon average white-collar jobs will be scarce enough.
?Jobs?(are these even jobs today?) like data entry, administration, and even quality control checks, warehouse manager, shipping clerk, etc etc. (region adjusted)
Simply because there are gazillions of sensors that’s measuring everything at real-time basis that closing the gap of human intuitive reasoning -that is- real-time adaptability.


People are encouraged to live alone by society simply because they’re more liable in groups.
After all, privacy concerns will have a whole new meaning and forms, and the fact that degree of separation is getting higher means we’ll be more interconnected than ever before. This means someone you know that’s ‘bad’ would imply you being bad as well.
Just in case you don’t realize yet, The West is already moving here, while The East is not so (except the notorious China). The West however present itself all-holy -as all capitalist’ conundrum- by calling it “networking”. Today it’s easier to apply for job by your network rather than your merits, and evidently so in lower IQ labour class jobs. The East, they have a whole population -data- to experiment on, so they don’t really care about it.
There will be a highly (*Dynamic Re-shaping of Society), much faster than we know today. This itself worthy to earn its own section below.

Working from home will become more common.

Simply because communications tools are improving, and companies will have lower competitive edge since technology will be widely available. That means companies will start focusing exponentially on cost-savings.
This brings again to transparency and accountability. Because anything that’s recorded -and double recorded- is always safer than anything that’s handshake.
Think of your dashcam, it insures you and at the same time archiving the event so that it can be evaluated and made improvement from (of course you’ll get incentive from the carmakers). Roughly speaking, it’s more profitable than you helping a car crash victim, and it’s also insures your accountability as the event is progressing.


Through the increase of isolated nature of things, suicide, depression, drug use, and generally mental health issues will likely rise.
Simply because majority of us is gullible enough in taking away what our evolution’s strongest trait encouraged: social health, inclusivity, unity, bond with nature.
It’s already happening in The West, as opposed to the ever-more connected-base population. The East, however, through their code of prioritizing “harmony”, they’re likely later in getting here since they would share bond. But then again as of now that culture itself already start cannibalizing (Free HongKong?). There’s always a critical threshold mass where to pass that needs a transformation. “Great Filter”.


Of course, these measured drug use, depression, suicide occurrences will likely ring the smartest people on earth and they would start to combat these issues.
It’s possible to see the birth of a subculture that promotes back-to-nature and group-gathering to get high traction and profit making. The focus on these subcultures will be on disconnecting from digitized world and basically building community. But then again, it’ll be in the framework of capitalism, it’ll be subscription based.
See:Religion, Feminism, Scientology, etc etc.
Except, maybe farming or agriculture based activities, fishing, and all those outdoorsy stuff that most of us aren’t fond of. (Today, I’m 29, and most of my soccer and sports friends are all fat enough and worked so much overtime, it’s just fact).
From business perspective, of course, anything that’s based on service business model will likely kicked up a notch. Eg: Food Delivery, Massage Therapy, etc etc.


(*)The Future of Computing

Today we started to see that many handheld powerful chips are simply a waste, as general average users don’t know enough to utilize that monster computing power. There will be a shift from decentralized computing service to centralized computing.
Rather than you setup your own super computer to do some Machine Learning training model, it’s easier to outsource that to a Super Super Computer somewhere around the globe. This is made possible because elastic computing, 5G technology, and highly advanced cryptography service.Gadgets and interface will evolve into a super slim interface -thin client- where you only interact with the outermost pixel data rather than the core/basic processing unit/heuristics/algorithms. It’s possible that the AI will design their algo itself and start doing genetic algorithms to your queries, and bring forth the initial jerk of super-customized needs/products/services.


Ability to Perceive
Ability to Afford

Just-In-Time Comprehensive Education will be the norm (if not already). It will not be your knowledge that matters, but rather the questions you ask.
It’s not the speed of implementation, but the speed of adaptation.

This Just-In-Time Comprehensive Education will mean the initial jerk that make colleges, universities and other consultative-based institutions collapse.
As public loses trust, amplified by their inability to be flexible in delivering super-custom knowledge needs… Education will be pretty much self-determined projects, you won’t have the need the be “on track” onto something, you won’t need to watch YouTube video to fix things…
For every time a product is assembled by machine/technician, will be recorded …you as end-user can rewind the exact way as each part of it is being assembled.
Internet based learning will take the front page, as everyone is ever connected, there will be much more to be capitalized, made commodity, made prostitution.Self-driving cars will transform how insurance work, how you drive, how accidents happen, and how the 3F (Form Fit Function) of Mobility. We might see a radical preconception of Transportation.As more decentralization occurs, the relevancy of countries will die out. Cryptography services means digitized currency like bitcoin will took value. But it’s too early to say if it’s bitcoin, or something else.

The definition of finance will shift from making money and engineering risk, to making the just enough decision at the right time (right or wrong it doesn’t matter just because any disruptive action will be routed back to the average lives). Average lives however will be much better. Imagine “poverty” a century ago is much worse than “poverty” today.


(*)Dynamic Re-Shaping of Society

The lesser we interact in groups, the lower the testosterone levels in average population. This means less aggressiveness and less constrictive of culture and paradigm as a whole. Countries will fall as value-transfer means more global communities interact within their own bubble.. simply because those who are close to them doesn’t know what to say/advice/interact with them.
See your closest family member who play with phones. It’s either no one can speak the language they say, or they simply prioritize other thing that their closest person can’t give. It’s always give/take.


The strength and integrity of society as a whole will be on depression trend.
Women will become a more attention seekers simply because there’s “no good men”.
Women will feel more isolated than ever, and it hurts them more.
Sex dolls will become realistic and more awesome, as VR technologies become hyper realistic, supported by advance skin-sensorism and constant medical monitor apparatuses.
These will deal such a blow to feminists who can no longer find “beta” partners out of sheer numbers, as men progressively retreats to their core values of solutide, stoicism, and sex.
I think however, masculinity won’t take the gap left by declining feminism simply because patriarchy will be an isolated bubble.
Some hint, if you haven’t realized yet…. Men seek mental stability, Women seek commitment and place at home.
Now, does the prediction start making sense to you..?
Both male and female will replace their companion with silicon, highly advanced AI, or a simple celibacy just because there are a lot of priorities to maintain a life in the digitized world. And people has various values; sex, cognitive fun, activities, and more.

Income inequality became less issue, as $$ can be made basically from anything, and at the same time it could be a political tool. This happens if we don’t graduate from “GDP”.

As immigrants breed at absurd rates, white countries will become less white.
White females will go for immigrants
simply because testosterone levels and society organization reasons. Caucassion population will become scarce. Some Caucassian “betas” will cheer as former white colonies too.

Africa, as the base of Chinese influence, experimental base, will effectively act as Chinese colony simply because they’re still having it fresh, the flourishing of economy (increase of living standards) in early 21st century (today). Maybe Eastern Europe countries too.
Will Africans pay for the price…?
It could take few decades as culture will start to assimilate and freedom of speech is basically a thing. After all, freedom of speech is along the highest and latest development after a society is secured enough of their survival and start doing politics. And politics, like any activities, aim for 2 basic objectives, progress and maintenance.


As Cryptography, Blockchain, and Encryption technology advancing, the Internet censorship will become more extreme. Tighter regulation along with free speech laws will be floored and internet will lose its free-ness.
More population will migrate to dark web havens, more underground sites, and that also means more opportunities migrate.Country as a tool to isolate, reward added-value activities and punish the lower-added value activities will cease to exists as democracies stop working.
Simply because democracy means one vote is one voice.
will start relying on vocal minorities and hollow rhetoric (tbh we are in the early days of those)
Mass immigration, marriage will once again be a political tool.


As marriage became more and more politicized, marriage rate in general will decline as men became more aware of the current stupid family divorce law. As divorce is raping men of their value generation means and hard work, the risk is just inexplicably high.

Nuclear energy will become our primary means of energy generation, more efficient, more safer than ever, as we buy our remaining time towards our diminishing as a species reeks of global warming.

As physical, live sports now cater to highest capitalization, there will be more regulation and loyalty points (see NBA + China + HongKong today), eventually E-sports will overshadow live sports simply because its transparency, time-saving, and easier to cultivate skills. Sportsmanship became irrelevant since there always be something to measure and it can be made competitive, overall it’ll be just another measured variable added into a whole process of “esports”.
This of course make decentralized fan-bases (those who cheer for variable A rather than cheer for variable B). The whole system will start breaking down as competition will became less and lesser “grand” but prize money is higher simply because the fight is not between the game, but between the variable competed.

Our man’s best friend, or cat dominatrix, will see increase of pet sales simply because rising isolation and declining of social skills and interaction.

Government will start printing money or keep raising tax as they will run out of cash, simply because the shift of society as stated above. From centralized command and control to decentralized liability and volunteerism. Transparency & honesty today is your one-stop currency to gain both access and authority.

Deepfakes and AI edited media continue became more realistic the same as celebrity porn will become more realistic, you can’t rely on video or photo as evidence. Forensics will start to go deeper and make more structured genomization policies and DNA privacy, preservations, as identity theft will be more advanced.


Socio-analytical skills will be outsourced to AI as digital profile will be extrapolated, and became object of behavior simulation by Machine Learning algos; Accountability.
Example: Today you setup a dating profile. In near future you’ll share a day in your life, behavior profile, and holographic memories.
Maybe we don’t even need to date a person at the same time..? 😉
Say, today you can meet A at certain time at certain place because of the agreement…. but maybe later you can meet A’s holographic behavior representation/model… anytime you are available…
You will converse with whomever you wanted, if they make their behavior profile uploaded and created their holographic clone, and specify certain privacy bullet points…
By the end of the date/meeting/discussion/conversation, your AI-end will bring the summary of the activities/arguments discussed by your AI interface to the people/their AI interface… then you’ll just “pinch” a button where you are agreeing to your behavior profile’s argument/behavior or not.

As AR, digital archiving and simulation capacity increases…. Every place we went to will be a historical experience, you will be able to experience everything that happened there, at a time, maybe even when we weren’t born yet, to view the key happenings on a precise time..

Gimmicks: 3D Printing, Drone Transportation, Space Travel, Global Warming, AR, Genome Sequencing

Overall, it will be an era of the top 10% of high IQ disciplined woke men(and women, if they are able to operate on isolated environment) taking over.

Show me the moon, and I’ll make you a poem.
Say you want to go to the moon, and I’ll ask you if rocket is the right technology to get there.
I personally think we’re missing an important realization as a species, I think I knew what it is.

Navigate it well, understand where you are, especially the society where you are in.


Also the last but not least, the way to value it all. It’s to get to the frontier no one talks about


You see,
it never is Schrodinger’s Cat, it’s Schrodinger’s Schrodinger’s Cat.

Like, how can you be sure it’s a cat in the first place..?
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