What Makes ‘The Praxis Society’

  • The Vision:
 “Change the world, one mind at a time”

The world is dying. The balance between the good and the bad has never been so blurry. We are young, we have time, we are the generation of change.

Start small, start sure

We have to make the change because we can act as a transition medium from raw ideas towards social, economy and self-empowerment issues.

One way we are building a community of broad, uncommon minded people so we can have a constant engagement and respond accordingly to situations we may have or may not have had. In this medium of The Praxis Society, we write and share what we learn. Things that we share might be the simplest way possible that you have not think about in your life.

It is also because we love equality, fairness, indiscriminate engagement and argumentative solutions, we experience.

Thus it’s not an exaggeration to say :

 We are the expert.

  • The Passion:

        The Praxis Society prides itself in sharing what we see in society. We believe in writing we reorganize what we learn and express what evaluation we have. In writing we also believe there are chances to understand why the method or the way we are doing something is works. This.. passion to seek the simplest, affordable and the most effective practice for results is what praxis is about. Of course, this passion comes from all great action of good citizens and active-observers like you. We have faith in humanity. We welcome anybody who would like to aspire to be better person, as such, you can be our guest writer !

We love people, we love being alive.

If you have arrived here to learn more, to open your mind into various new modernized way of thinking, you are in the right place.

If you’re looking for a solution for your problem, we can learn together.

 We love to think, to learn and to improve.

Life is not about doing well and being excel in what you are asked to do by the society. Life is not that hard just because we are all different and unique. In fact, only started by embracing what works for you, you will have control which leads into improvement and the solution we often miss in front of us.

Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback, just contact us we are always open !!

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