Follow The SALE

We like to be in charge. We also like to know what we are doing (or at least to think that we are). These pair often make us vulnerable to regrets after we act. Also, changing how we decide is harder than deciding the right thing. Now that we all know this… if we are going to do it anyway, we will do it for maximum upside. One surefire way is to get it cheap!

Know the SALE and get “Lucky”, Follow it.

5,786 words. 7 minute read(s). A system for solutions. Own your choices without regrets.

Suggested Praxis prior to ‘Follow The SALE’:

  1. “Birds of a feather, flocking together”
  2. Closing the Gap: Be an Active Observer!

Follow the SALE
Follow the SALE

S is for Security

Follow the SALE; because when you buy it on SALE you actually make money. [tinypass_offer text=”Privilege content, gain access now!”]


A is for Autonomy

A good life starts from a life of security. Once a life has a sense of security, it then can be able to look up or look down accordingly. [tinypass_offer text=”Privilege content, gain access now!”]

Liberty to Act

L is for Liberty

A powerful statement that grants the concept of freedom and integrated from the autonomy, Liberty is is the resource to act. [tinypass_offer text=”Privilege content, gain access now!”]


E is for Evolution

Right now, dreams are fading from younger people and visions are scarce. There should be a simple wisdom that is practical. You just need To Be or Not To Be. [tinypass_offer text=”Privilege content, gain access now!”]

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