The Society

We are a social nature. Evolution has brought us through the gallery into what we are now. There has never been connectivity so clear people are taking it for granted, siphoned in their confused self. The way mind works, the existence of social language has never been more important –and dangerous.. Understanding the unfair advantages and the possible setbacks makes it possible to have a binary winner at all times. Then it’s just a matter of flavor A or B.

Very simple.

7357 words. 10 minute reading. 100 minute understanding. Life-changing view. Life-time practice.

Suggested Praxis prior to ‘The Society’:

  1. “Who”, The Sad Obscured Clarity of Self
  2. Sensible Security of Mind, Have Control!


Cracking Society

Relation v Relationship

Society is about relation, sadly it is not always a relationship which we as a human are very good at. [tinypass_offer text=”Privilege content, gain access now!”]

A Yes World

Society works as a relation between the people and The Agreement which acts as its center of action/purpose. “Yes” is not always a ticket to travel the distance.

A Yes World

First Things First

First Things First

Choices are yours. However what is your purpose and will you regret your choices…?

Clockwork of Excellence

The catch: It is reassuring that whenever you are off-track you can get back into the mainstream flow as easy as following the hype and your peer’ demands.

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 Bear and Wolf
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